What Is Joomla Web Hosting? It is Best for You.


Hey guys, we are going to discuss what Is Joomla web hosting and, more importantly, Is it free or not? We aimed to explain almost all about Joomla unlimited web hosting price hosting. Let us first discuss what is Joomla web hosting.

What is Joomla Web Hosting?

Joomla is one of the most popular open-source content management systems available. Joomla is a flexible platform that provides the opportunity of building an online presence.

Adding Joomla to your hosting account will be totally free. But Joomla doesn’t offer web hosting services. Web hosting plans come at a cost. 

Joomla is used to build any type of websites like online web store, blog, directories portal, or even business website. Many people like to choose Joomla for their CMS, but the installation and overall setting up process of Joomla is considered a little bit more complicated than WordPress.

A Brief Introduction to Joomla Web Hosting

One of Joomla’s best things is that it’s compatible with most web hosting options. Joomla is incredibly useful and popular because of its very easy to use and the various tools and options it furnishes when you are building a website.

If you decide Joomla is the right CMS to build your website, you still need to decide on your best mysql hosting package. Whether you are starting a website or an established blog, you can find the right web hosting solution.

Pick a web hosting plan that provides Joomla install free. Therefore, you will be able to build your Joomla website absolutely for free.

Nowadays, every web hosting provider offers one-click installation apps like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal etc. If you’re ready to buy Joomla web hosting plans, visit the best web hosting provider: DomainRacer, BlueHost, and Hostinger.

How Did We Pick the Best Web Hosts for Joomla?

You really need to find a good hosting solution for your Joomla site. There are a few main features to consider while choosing Joomla web hosting. 

Affordable Hosting Plan

A reliable Joomla hosting plan can start at less than $5 a month for a shared hosting plan. Usually, a shared hosting plan is a good choice for new websites. DomainRacer offers a shared hosting basic plan just at $0.99 per month.

Web Hosting Features

The best Joomla web hosting providers offer one-click or automatic Joomla installation, and enough bandwidth and storage space allowances. 

When you’re considering your best hosting options, choose a web hosting plan that includes features like an SSL certificate or a website builder and website backup. Make sure it suits your website hosting budget.

Pick a web hosting package that provides SSD disk space, free website backups and Support for PHP and MySQL database. You need a fast Joomla supported hosting server with 99.99% server uptime and 24/7 Joomla Technical Support.

Your web hosting provider needs to be an expert in Joomla server configuration and provide necessary support from time to time or as you need.

Find the Best Joomla Hosting Today

If you plan to build a website with Joomla and you’re looking for the best Joomla web hosting provider that offers faster speed and reliability, then DomainRacer is the choice you.

Overall DomainRacer has nice options for your Joomla website. DomainRacer’s all plans come with blazing-fast SSD storage space and 21x faster LiteSpeed server. This can help your Joomla website to load more quickly.

You’ll also benefit from the following essential Features:

  • – Uptime Guarantee 99.99%
  • -Free Weekly Website Backups
  • -Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • -cPanel control panel access
  • -Free Website Migration
  • – Single Click Install 450+ App like Joomla, WordPress

You get a single-click installation and the most amazing customer support team you ever met. They also offer easy setup, full features and compatibility with Joomla, and 99.99% server uptime. 

Whether you are looking for shared hosting, cheap vps server, or Joomla hosting, DomainRacer offers all the cheapest web hosting plans. 


In short, Joomla is one of the popular open-source content management systems that allow you to build web sites and powerful online applications. It is very easy-to-use and freely available to everyone.

Choosing the right hosting is crucial to your website success. If you’re just getting started with your website or blog, a shared hosting plan should be suitable. We recommend DomainRacer’s Basic hosting plan, affordable and best choice.

Once you buy a Joomla hosting package, you can easily set up your Joomla website and add content yourself. Hope, this article helped you to gain useful knowledge about Joomla web hosting.

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