Samsung Galaxy Note 10- Is it worth the upgrade?

 The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is slated to release in August 2019; however, its predecessor- Samsung Galaxy S10 is already introduced. It is believed that both the versions have similar features which include the same processor, camera specifications, in-display fingerprint, and reverse wireless charging. Then what makes Samsung Galaxy Note 10 different from another version? Is it worth the upgrade? These are some questions that must be peaking in every mobile buff mind To answer these questions here we have come up with the list of upgraded features that are supposed to be present in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

1. Design 

The yet to release Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is said to have a different design. Unlike, other Samsung variants, the punch hole of this model will be in the center and the triple rear camera would be aligned vertically in the top left. The body of Note 10 will be made of metal and glass and have IP68 waterproofing. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to have an inbuilt S-Pen. It will be positioned close to the USB Type-C Charging port. It will enable the users to control the screen with just a hover

2. Camera 

The Samsung galaxy series is equipped with a professional multi-camera system with the latest technology,  , and in-built software. With the ultra-wide lens, you can click wide images. Plus, it has a triple rear camera which enables you to click quality pictures. On the other hand, the upcoming version of Note 10 supposedly will have three rear cameras with telephoto shooters and main lens for wide-angle photos

3. Display

The Note 10 would have 6.28-inch screen display which is quite larger than the screen of Galaxy S 10. Moreover, Note 10 would have Amold display technology with Hdr 10 + compliant. In addition, this variant is slightly to have a Full HD+ screen.

4. Dimensions

The upcoming Note series is believed to be larger than the Galaxy S Range. It would have approximately 162.5 x 77.6mm, longer and wider.

5. Headphone Jack 

Galaxy S10 have 3.5mm headphone jack with AKG-tuned headphones. On the contrary Note 10 will not have 3.5mm headphone jack instead, it might have USB Type-C Headphones.

6. Battery

The S10 has a 3100mAh battery whereas its counterpart, S10+ has a 3500mAh battery. The Note 10 is estimated to have 35 Ah battery with 25W to 45W charging speed and you will get a 25 W fast charger for free along with it.

7. Storage, Processor and Ram

The Note 10 series would have 256GB storage. And, it might come with a microSD for storage expansion till 512GB. The previous versions, i.e. Samsung S10 have 128GB, 512GB and 1TB storage with extra microSD. Moreover, the Not 10 series with have an upgraded Snapdragon 855+ processor, which is is an additional feature as compared to Samsung S10. For game enthusiasts, this variant is a boon since comes with 15 % better GPU performance. Besides, it could have Exynos 9820 chip. Talking about the RAM, Note 10 is expected to have similar RAM which is 8 GB.

8. Charging

Unlike most of the other Samsung variants, Samsung Note 10  will boast a wireless charger. Plus, it will have faster speed as compared to its counterparts. Significantly, it would have 45W fast charging.

9. Connectivity

The processor of the Note 10 would be similar to S 10. However, it will be enabled with 5G.

10. Price and Availability.

Samsung Note 10 is expected to release on 7 August, in the New York City at $1,000. Samsung has begun its reservation system so this is the best time to book one piece for yourself if you are planning to buy the Note 10. The early birds can grab the best deal and get a hefty discount.


Samsung is soon going to release Note 10 series. The new versions will have some better features as compared to Samsung S 10. The blog has updated insight of Note 10. If you are planning to upgrade yourself and sell your current mobile phone, cashify is at your rescue, you can utilize Cashify coupon codesto sell your current phone at the best price.

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