How to Clean Windows and Crystals

To clean windows and glass, we have to use different tools and products depending on the materials with which they are made, otherwise we can damage the glass and frames.
In the following guide we will explain step by step how to clean windows and glass so that the result is optimal. You will see that it is simpler than it seems.
To have a shiny window we have to follow three steps:
1) Clean the window frames
We left as a final task to clean the glass so as not to leave traces while cleaning the frames and not having to be reviewing the glass twice.
Depending on the material with which the frames of our windows are made, different products must be used so as not to damage them and no stains remain.
Clean aluminum windows
To clean the aluminum windows, we have these 2 processes depending on the type of aluminum that is. As an extra help, we leave you a few tricks to clean aluminum easily that surely in more than one occasion they will be good for you.
Gray Aluminum Cleaning
To clean gray aluminum windows, we must avoid abrasive products, because if we use them instead of cleaning, we will leave streaks and opaque marks very difficult to erase.
We have 2 options mainly:
  1. There are specific products for cleaning gray aluminum windows that work very well and will offer us a good result.
  2. We can also use detergent mixed with water with the following proportion: for each liter of water a tablespoon of detergent.
The cleaning process is very simple:
  1. We dust
  2. We pass through the window a soft cloth that does not leave lint, wet in the water with detergent or with the aluminum cleaner.
  3. We pass another damp cloth (only with water) to rinse and finally, dry with absorbent paper.
If very marked spots remain after this process, it can be cleaned again with ammonia lowered with water. For every liter of water, we pour half a cup of ammonia. As it is an abrasive product, we have to remember to use hand gloves not suffer.
In the event that the stains are of grease, paints or oil and are not removed with ammonia we can resort to a homemade mixture: water with vinegar and medicinal alcohol. With this mixture we repeat the process: clean with a soft cloth, rinse with another cloth and dry with absorbent paper.
To remove scratches from aluminum windows we will have no choice but to sand the frames and polish with polishing wax.
One solution so that we have stains and clean the gray aluminum windows more easily is to paint them with synthetic enamel or enameled synthetic oxide converter paint.
White Aluminum Cleaning
To clean white aluminum windows, we have to use the right products for maintenance. If we want to remain unpolluted, we must use mild detergent and sodium bicarbonate diluted in water.
The process is the same as with gray aluminum windows:
  1. We pass a soft cloth with the mixture.
  2. We dry with another damp cloth
  3. We dry with absorbent paper.
In the event that not all the stains have been removed, we can use ammonia diluted in water, always taking care to put on plastic gloves. If the stains are paint or grease we can use a mixture of medicinal alcohol, vinegar and water.
If none of the above solutions work and the stains do not disappear, to clean the windows with white lacquer you can apply whitening toothpaste with baking soda on the stains, leave it on for a while and clean the mixture with a damp cloth.
Clean PVC windows
PVC windows are very resistant to abrasion and their color remains unchanged over time, but they need some care to keep them clean.
We must avoid using dry clothes or scourers because we could scratch the frame of our windows. You should use a damp cloth or cloth with a little mild detergent.
Steps to clean white PVC windows:
  1. Pass the cloth with detergent over the entire surface and the profiles of the windows.
  2. Wipe a damp cloth to rinse the detergent and let it air dry.
  3. In the rubbers that hold the glass of the PVC windows, once a year it is convenient to sprinkle talcum powder so that they do not dry out and maintain their flexibility.
2) Clean the blinds
Cleaning the blinds inside is simple, with lowering them and passing them a damp cloth with a little detergent is enough.
But cleaning them outside is very complicated, if you can remove the lid of the drum from the blind we can raise it completely and up on a ladder (always with the window closed) go cleaning the blind as we unroll it.
“One tip for them to clean is to lower the blinds completely when it rains, so they will be cleaned and in the way we will prevent the crystals from getting dirty.”
3) How to clean glass windows easily
We need the right products and accessories to clean windows so that they are clean and shiny.
Window and window cleaning products
Many of us wonder what is good for cleaning windows, since there are specific products for cleaning windows and windows, but you can also use general cleaning products that we all have at home.
Below you have a list of the recommended products to clean windows and windows:
Ammonia can be used to clean windows, as it has a great degreasing and cleaning effect. We must reduce it with water and always wear gloves when we use it, because it is a very abrasive product.
It is very useful for cleaning kitchen windows and removing grease easily.
It provides shine to the crystals. To use it we only have to dilute it in hot or warm water and put the mixture in a sprayer. To soften the smell, we can add a few drops of lemon or green lime to the mixture
To prepare it we have to dilute it in water, for every half liter of water we must pour half a tablespoon of starch coffee. To apply it you must use a sponge.
Once the mixture dries, the mixture must be removed with vinegar impregnated paper. It is advisable not to clean it in full sun so that the starch does not dry out much and it is more difficult to remove it.
How to clean sliding windows
If we do not manage to clean the entire sliding windows on the outside, we will have to use a strip with extendable stick to reach the corners of the glass. In the event that we are still unable to clean the entire exterior surface of our windows we will have no choice but to remove the windows from the rails.
To take out the sliding aluminum windows we have to be careful if they are very large, if they weigh a lot, we will need someone to help us to avoid accidents. If they move from right to left to get them out, you have to take them by the sides and pull them up and out of the rail.
Once the bottom is out, you have to turn carefully to remove the top. Some sliding windows have a safety clip, which must be removed before removing them from the rails.
Another possibility is to use items to clean windows with magnet, which we will talk about next.
Window cleaning accessories
Glassware kit
The most commonly used accessories for cleaning are glass strips or rubber bands. To use them we must first pass a wet sponge or a sheep with the cleaning product and then pass the strip from top to bottom to remove the water.
To dry them we can use absorbent paper or old newspaper paper, so that the ink crystals are not stained.
Every time we pass the strip, it must be dried with a cloth so that water does not accumulate. We must also dry the frame so that the soil does not drip.
If they are very high windows, we can use extendable strips or poles that have rubber on one side and on the other hand the sponge to reach the highest parts of the windows.
Glass cleaning magnet
It is a utensil that has two equal magnetic parts with a rubber and a sponge like those of the strips. One is placed on the outside of the window and the other inside, being joined by the magnet. When you move the inner part, the outer part moves and so the two sides of the glass are cleaned.
These items for cleaning windows with magnet are very useful, especially for sliding windows, because that way we will avoid having to remove them from the rails to clean the exterior parts that we do not reach.
Glass cleaner robot
These robots are devices for cleaning windows that work by adhering to the glass with a suction cup. They move autonomously throughout the glass by passing a microfiber mop moistened with a product to clean the crystals and another mop that dries the surface.
Many of them have fall sensors that detect the window frames and move around the entire surface.
It is not so complicated to have a glass cleaner robot at home to easily clean. It is much faster than by other manual methods and is appreciated in large windows. 
Vacuum cleaner to clean windows
There are many models and models of models of vacuum cleaners, but the most common has a head that does three functions spray glass cleaner, clean with the rubber and sucks dirt.
Its use is simple, the vacuum cleaner must be recharged with water and glass, and it goes through the glass from top to bottom. After using it, we just have to empty the dirty water tank.
They are wireless devices and the lighter and more compact the better, so it will cost us less to clean the windows and windows of the house. Some models have a cane that facilitates cleaning in large windows.
And you, do you already know how to clean windows and windows to make them shine?

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