Components of Air Conditioner

In the summer, the air conditioner is the basic needs of the house. Air conditioner offers relief in the red hot summer by giving cool air to your home. Like the refrigerator, water purifier and many more, even the air conditioner has become an important appliance in Indian homes. If you have a new member in the family (new-born), this appliance helps in maintaining a normal temperature in your dwelling. So, let us discuss the important components of air conditioner.
For the AC to work properly, these components of air conditioner need to be in good working condition. So, let us discuss them. Shall we?
A. Refrigerant

It gets transformed from liquid to vapor at a convenient temperature during the process (refrigeration cycle). The refrigerant is moved to all parts of the air conditioner, courtesy, cooling tubes/copper coils.  The hot air present inside gets absorbed by the refrigerant. Then, the same gets transferred outside.
B. Compressor
Like fridge, even in air conditioner, compressor is the most important part. The low pressure gas gets converted to high pressure gas. The molecules get condensed as a result. So, the gap between every molecule is reduced. The result – energized gas. First, this gas exits via the compressor. It passes then to the condenser.
C. Condenser Coil
The fan in condenser coils does its part. The high pressure gas gets cooled and transforms to liquid. The refrigerant is now in the liquid form. But it is sent back to suck up heat from evaporator coils. The condenser coil occupies the third place among the important components of air conditioner.
D. Evaporator
It is located near to the blower of the air conditioner. The evaporator is known as the component of air conditioner that can extract heat/humidity from the present atmosphere. Low-pressure gas reaches the evaporator section of the air conditioner. Pressure decreases in the evaporator coil to convert the liquid back into the cooled gas. It also absorbs the heat of the inside and sends it to the condenser for the cooling process. The evaporator, you can consider among the four important components of air conditioner.
E. Expansion valve
The refrigerant should not contain heat and pressure before passing to into evaporator coils.  The expansion valve of the air conditioner depressurizes the refrigerant and cools it down. When the pressure gets removed, the refrigerant liquid cools down with ease. 
F. Fan
Do you know there are two fans in an AC? The indoor blower fan sends the air out by the ventilation system. This air, it receives as a byproduct from the return vents. The other fan is the outdoor one that pulls the exterior air and takes off the heat. The fans act as crucial parts for air circulation inside the air conditioner.
G. Air Filter

It collects the dust and dirt available in the air. You need to change the air filter as per the instructions of the manufacturer’s manual. This part is among the important components of air conditioner. This part also improves the quality of air (indoors) during the entire process.  In case, you find the manual task of cleaning air filters too taxing, kindly opt for the automatic air filter cleaning model from Hitachi.
H. Thermostat

Other than the compressor, the thermostat is also an important part of the air conditioner. The entire functions of the appliance is controlled by this part. It reads the room temperature and helps to maintain the normal temperature in your home. You can change the temperature settings because of thermostat only because it once passes the overall information for all activities. The higher the thermostat the lower the electricity bill.
Smart Air ConditionerTechnology Innovations
As already mentioned, the air conditioner has become an integral part of apartments, homes, and offices. However, they opt for different types of air conditioners to satisfy the requirements.
With times, smart air conditioners have also become popular. You can find these models in the offices of multinational companies. It is easy to control the smart air conditioner model by your smartphone. For example, you can change the temperature, schedule to switch on/off and do many more functions. There is no need to manually tap the buttons.
For more information, you can check the models of
  • Samsung air conditioner
  • LG air conditioner
Did you go through this article of components of air conditioner? Like every electronic item in your home, even this appliance needs proper maintenance service. You can notice the problem signs when you do not get cool air. The reasons may be many, the uncleaned air filter or dirty condenser coils. As per home improvement experts, it is necessary to give the air conditioner complete maintenance service from a professional company. There may be times, when you have to opt for giving service even when the warranty period of the appliance is expired.
Okay, shall we take the example of a similar situation? Of late, the AC in your Hyderabad home is not working properly. The family members ask you to hire a technician so that he can identify the root cause and fix the problem. But the model has performed outside its warranty period. Because it is a top-class model, you do not feel the need to buy another air conditioner. At the present situation, you need to hire the technician who is proficient in AC service and repair in Hyderabad. But you also have doubts in opting for a freelance technician? Will he possess the necessary required skills? Will he come at the scheduled time? Will the charges be affordable? How can you search the best pro? All these questions arise in your mind.
We understand. So, we are giving an easy solution. For solving the AC maintenance problem at a quick pace, seek the assistance of companies offering online home service Hyderabad. These companies have mobile apps where you can find profiles of the best AC repair companies as part of the customer service team. You can select the best AC repair expert in Hyderabad as per your budget, and place a request before 240 minutes. The company professionals will come to your home and solve the problem within the fixed time.
Hope you gained valuable information on parts of the air conditioner with this article. Have we missed an important part of the appliance? Then please put a review in the Comments section.

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