Best LED Smart TV in India: Information on Reputed Models

Are you interested in buying a new television model? Then please note, buying a top television with the best features is a great achievement. The reason, there are many brands with the best features in the market. You get confused regarding the model to purchase. Following the history of TV, the appliance has evolved in the best possible way. The advancement of technologies has provided best-LED TV from the past decade. This display device has connected its users all over the world. Moreover, it is shocking to see the transformation from CRT towards today’s smart/4K devices. Innovation has been the key reason for this transformation. User’s expectations have changed for more advanced and user-friendly televisions. That has given an opportunity for smart devices to come into focus. In this article, let us focus on the best LED Smart Tv in India.
Before two decades, having a television set meant lots of cables and signal adjustments. But time has changed, and with it, even the manufacturer’s designs. So, it’s time for you to say hello to the newest entry in the market – The Smart Televisions.
Smart defines – Less wiring, Voice control, Smart Hub and many more. It provides the best environment to streamline your TV experience.
Let’s focus on the best LED smart TV’s in India today-
A. Samsung (49 inches) Series 8 4K UHD LED Smart TV
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  • It is one of the most premium television models in recent times.
  • This is an LED TV with 4K UHD having a high dynamic range and refresh rate of 120 Hz.
  • It consists of 40-watt audio output which is audible and loud.
  • The HDR 10+ enhances the contrast levels and provides excellent HDR expression.
  • Operating system- Tizen(in house operating system)
  • Loaded with 1:2 aerial & satellite inputs, LAN ports, USB ports, HDMI ports, and a built-in Wi-fi.
  • Also, it comes with an audio control remote and one year of warranty.
  • The amazing thing about this TV is that it doesn’t have any bezel around, which gives a real-life experience.
  • The cost of this TV is Rs 98000 (can vary with time).
B. Best LED Smart TV in India – LG (55 inches) 4K UHD OLED Smart TV

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  • If you are looking for a full-fledged smart TV, then this model LG 4K UHD OLED is one among the best.
  • Covered with amazing picture & sound quality. It uses the OLED display technology and supports both HDR 10 and Dolby vision.
  • This Tv has 4:3 HDMI and USB ports with optical digital output.
  • Also, the sound system has 40 watts of RMS with Dolby & Atmos vision audio.
  • Equipped with LG ThinkQ AI, which is being used for voice recognition.
  • With the upscaling ability of the company, the company provides one year of warranty.
  • With its slim and sleek metallic stand, this TV has got a classy look which captures the attention of users.
  • The price starts from 1.25 lakh and varies up to 1.50 lakh (can vary with time). You can count this model as one among the best LED smart TV out of many models.
C. Samsung  Full HD LED Smart TV – (49 inches)

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  • This device is available only at 43 & 49 Inches and is a full-fledged smart TV.
  • With 1920*1080 pixels, it has LED display technology with vivid color.
  • With the HDR feature, it makes the display more lively with the refresh rate to be 60 Hz.
  • The sound quality is of 40 Hz which is fixed within the setup.
  • Equipped with 2:1 HDMI & USB ports, it supports the ARC (Audio Return Channel), having a built-in Wi-fi.
  • Quad-core processor with user-friendly standard IR based remote.
  • It runs on Tizen interface with one year of warranty.
  • The price of this TV is Rs 45, 999/ (can vary with time).
The name Samsung is already a brand. And with the company introducing models with recent technology, you can bet that the above-mentioned device can be included among the best LED smart TV in India.
D. LG  4K UHD LED Smart TV- (43 inches)

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  • LG introduced ThinkQ AI technology for the first time in this TV for their smart TV series.
  • It has WebOS which helps the users to give over 800 voice commands.
  • Also, it comes in 4 models. They are 43-49-55-65 inches. You can select any model according to your choice and budget.
  • With 3840*2160 pixels, it used 4K HDR technology which provides good display quality. It has LED-backlit with IPS panel and a refresh rate of 50 Hz.
  • Contains 2.0 Speaker channels with 20 Hz. The quality of sound is good as it is been surrounded by Dolby Digital Decoder.
  • Equipped with 3:2 HDMI & USB ports and with a very responsive remote. Please note, this remote has voice command.
  • You can watch & browse television shows with the Internet in this device.
  • The price is this TV is Rs 39, 999/-(can vary with time).
E. Mi LED TV 4C PRO  Ready Android TV – (32inch )

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  • It has got the name of the cheapest smart TV in the market increasing more and more users. Available at only 2 sizes which are 32 and 49 inches.
  • With 1366*766 pixel, it is an LED TV which provides HD display with 60 Hz of refresh rate.
  • The sound system is good, having 210 watts speaker. Having an Ethernet Port, this TV model also has 3:2 HDMI & USB ports.
  • The remote of this TV has Bluetooth & voice button for using Google Assistant.
  • This TV has the quad-core 1 GB of RAM with one year of warranty.
  • This lightweight smart TV cost is 12,999/-(can vary with time).
F. Sony Bravia  Full HD LED Smart TV – (32 inches)
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  • With its classic quality, SONY is one of the known brands in the electronics industry.
  • This model is budget-friendly LED TV having 1920*1080 pixel of resolution making it full HD
  • The speakers are of 30 watts which have built-in woofers and the refresh rate is 50 Hz.
  • Equipped with 2:2 HDMI & USB 2.0 ports with a built-in Wi-fi system.
  • This full package comes with remote control, AC Power Cord and 2 batteries.
  • The operating system is Linux-based and the company provides one year of warranty to its users.
Conclusion for Best LED Smart TV in India
From the above article, you have come to know about the best LED smart TV models in recent times. Now, you can choose any devices according to your budget. And also you might have noticed the change in the features in the TV models. Please note, all the television models are covered with a warranty period. But, even these models and any electronic appliance has to get maintenance service. In case of repairs outside the warranty period, you will find challenges in searching for the right TV technician in your city.
Let us imagine, you have a Smart LED TV in your home. It is a model, presented by your brother who lives in the US. He had gifted this model to you two years ago. Now it needs maintenance service. What is the best method to get a qualified TV expert for this model? Permit us to show the right path. Please do not waste time looking for referrals and other methods. Do you live in Bangalore or any other urban city of India? Then, please search on the internet for companies providing home repair services in Bangalore. They will have experienced TV experts in their payrolls. Now, you can get to know the experience of every expert skilled in LED TV repair service in Bangalore within four minutes. Select the best pro as per your budget and also schedule the time for maintenance service. He will come to your home and give the perfect maintenance service.
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