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Why Unisex Perfumes Are The Next Big Thing In Fragrances?

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The desire of smelling great is quite common. Everyone likes to have a nice perfume on their vanity. Some they keep for everyday use while others are stocked for special occasions. It is a ritual to spray the perfume on our skin before stepping out. No matter how much we are dressed, without perfume, nothing seems to be complete. To fulfil this desire of smelling nice and feeling nice, we keep looking for good perfumes.

Brands launch new fragrances every now and then. It gives you the chance to get your desired fragrance. However, in case none of these fragrances meant for your gender interest you, try unisex ones. Gender-neutral perfumes have quite a unique formulation. It is created by focusing on the aroma that pleases someone and not the gender.

If you are bored of your regular fragrances, gender-neutral fragrances will give you a twist to try. Since they are focused only on the aroma, it allows you to discover the depths of scent. Try woody notes with citrusy touch or go for the floral earthy combination. There is so much to try with the unisex fragrance category, you will want to have them all.

What Is The Best Option For Unisex Scents Online?

You can get a wide range of unisex fragrances in India, yet few fragrances stand out. Some of the most popular fragrances in the gender-neutral category are,

Royale Eau De Parfum:

Make your personality stand out with a woody floral aroma with touches of earthy notes. You can wear Royale perfume during the night as well as during the winter season. The royal aroma will give your personality an enchanting touch. It can also be a perfect wedding perfume as well.

Rebel Eau De Parfum:

Rebel is a soothing blend of herby notes. This perfume is ideal for everyday use. The soothing fougere aroma is perfect for summer and monsoon season. You can also wear it during the daytime in the winter season. Anyone who likes fragrances that are not strong would love this aroma.

Achieve Eau De Parfum:

An ideal perfume for office use, this woody perfume will get you noticed. This perfume is also very long-lasting. You need a couple of sprays, and the scent will last for more than 8 hours. Apart from the office, you can also wear this scent in the evenings for the summer and winter seasons.

Does All Unisex Perfume Smell Citrusy?

It is a common conception that all unisex perfumes smell citrusy. This is because citruses are considered a generic aroma suitable for all genders. Men and women can wear this fragrance alike. But there is more to unisex perfumes than the citrusy notes.

You can find these gender-neutral perfumes in all kinds of aromas. There are floral ones with classic notes such as jasmine and roses. Most of the earlier perfumes had roses and jasmine in them and they were used by both men and women.

Apart from this, there are woody notes of sandalwood, musk, patchouli, and cedar wood. These woody notes are loved by everyone and go well with every gender. With all these variations, everyone gets an opportunity to wear a scent they like. Often people are judged for using perfume of the opposite gender.

Unisex scents help one to get a perfume they want to wear without any judgment. If you like floral perfumes, get it. If you are a girl who likes strong woody perfume, unisex allows you to do it. Many brands offer these fragrances. If you have not yet tried any, you must get some. Everyone around will keep asking to know what scent you are wearing.

Can I Buy Unisex Fragrances From Indian Brands?

Many Indian perfume brands offer fragrances for men and women. You can get party perfumes, everyday fragrances, and scents for your office look. However, very few brands have a range of unisex perfumes created for the Indian nose. Brands like Perfumer’s Club have handpicked collection of gender-neutral fragrances. They are made for every season and moment.

If you need a fresh perfume for everyday use, Aqua cool is the one. For your office use, there is Achieve with its woody earthy fragrance. If you need something for the daytime, try Rebel perfume. And for those special evenings, there is Royale for you to try. Along with giving you amazing options with mind-blowing quality, these brands offer them at affordable prices. You can buy all these perfumes on a budget without worrying about expenses. For a last-minute gifts idea, unisex fragrances are the best option for you. The aroma is quite delightful, and everyone will love it. In case you are not sure what gift you must buy, get your loved ones a nice fragrance. Give unisex fragrances a chance. You will be amazed by the quality of the aroma.

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