What makes Dubai a Unique Destination for Keen Explorers?

What makes Dubai a Unique Destination for Keen Explorers?

Dubai is not only a city but even an emirate in the United Arab Emirates. There are so many specialties that you can count when it comes to Dubai! It is a prominent vacation getaway that gets hit by visitors from all across the globe every year at a go. From being a luxurious city to offering the best sightseeing ventures to the travelers who strive to travel to Dubai for a vacation. There are some hot pick spots in Dubai that make its visitors dumbstruck, like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fort, the Palm islands and much more that mean the part and participle of the place at large. Not only rich, but Dubai has been an incredible place in UAE which is commendable when it comes to exploring versatile things all at once and within prime security.
Seasonal Touch: When it is time for you to visit Dubai, you must be very concerned about the time you choose, for it makes a real difference in your experiences. 
Summers: Dubai experiences extreme temperature during the summers that falls between April and October. It is difficult to go without an AC for the weather remains hot and humid that makes the day live a big deal! Although you can enjoy the nightlife in Dubai where you will be shimmered with lights all around and cool breeze covering you.
Monsoons: YOu can never predict the rains in Dubai, for it comes suddenly and passes by without a warning. Though mostly, the downpours are between the months of December and March which makes the place romantic for the couples.
Winters: winters in Dubai lie from November to the month of April when it is pleasant, ad a perfect fit for honeymooners. This is the time when the most awaited Dubai Shopping Festival is organized between January and February, gathering the maximum audience.

Must- do Ventures in Dubai
In a delightful city like that of Dubai, how can you stay idle without any activities piling up your sight. There are a large number of attractions which make your visit to Dubai a real justice. From Palm Jumeirah to Burh Al Arab, there are other things that do not fail to catch your attention. Participate in the activities like ice skating, watch out the Dubai Fountain and the Dubai Mall followed by the Burj Khalifa.
Dubai has an energetic nightlife, filled with lights and fun yet to explore! Witness the Dubai Nights that come into life through the shining skyscrapers and colorful lights adding a charm to the city. Catch a picture with the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa which is also popular as “A Living Wonder” and the “Vertical City”. Apart from these, there is another attraction for the water lovers who can visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium which is one of the largest aquaria in the world having 65000 aquatic creatures. 
If you are an art lover, then you will appreciate your presence in the Al Jaber Gallery, Etihad Museum, Coffee Museum, Dubai Heritage Village and many others which reflect the culture of the place. 
Make space for the Cuisine
If you have a stomach for a fusion of Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food, then Dubai is the most ideal place for you. The aroma of spices, the savory herbs and the tongue twirling taste will make your journey to Dubai Unforgettable. 
If you are a non-vegetarian, then there are some of the most scrumptious dishes awaiting, like 
It is made of flatbread that is topped with Akkawi cheese, earthy zattar herbs, and olive oil. It basically reminds you of pizza which is one of the most picked choices of people there.
Iranian Sangak
All the bread lovers can shout out to the Iranian Sangak which is considered to be the best among other nonveg cuisines. You ought to try this dish with basil and Bulgarian feta.
Chelo Kebab
With an aroma of saffron and combined with basmati rice, Chelo kebab makes you delighted. It is sour in taste for the addition of Zeresh berries and smells of fragrant dill.
Vegetarian Foods:
It is basically a complicated spelled salad which includes tomatoes, green onions, fresh mint ad lemon juice adding flavors to it. Nothing can be as healthier for the vegans than this in Dubai!
Kousa Mahshi
Included in the main-course, Kousa Mahshi is a classic dish that is stuffed with rice and known as a special dish of Dubai which is world-famous. Try it out with Lebanese Wine to add more colors!
Shirin Polo
Shirin Polo is a dish made out of basmati rice, currants, raisins, nuts, and carrots which can lighten your mood and fill your stomach!
What are the factors supporting tourism in Dubai?
There are multiple reasons that make Dubai a center of attraction for tourists every year.
Dubai is popular for a 0% crime rate which means it is one of the safest destinations on earth. The slightest of criminal acts can deport or get the citizens imprisoned thus, making the masses aware of the atrocities.
Dubai is a cosmopolitan city which has inhabitants from all across the globe comprising 50% of its population coming from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. 
Dubai is known to be the fastest-growing city in the world. t grows at a rapid economic rate With the metros, 42 stations built within a short span, Dubailand that will beat Disneyland and the largest Palm Jumeirah justify the statement!
Camel Racing is an extremely sight that catches attention in Dubai. 
Dubai has commenced in the process of building a city within a city that makes it unique from the rest of the world. 
After getting acquainted with all the sightseeing ventures, shopping hubs, eateries that steal hearts and also the adventures that you can participate in, Dubai has adhered to multiple tourists who wish to visit a place which is posh, charming and also unique in many ways from the other countries on earth. A trip to Dubai can summarise all the requisites for the vacation lovers wishing to embark from Burj Khalifa! 

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