Viasat Satellite Internet Service Review 2020


There aren’t a ton of rural internet options out there and most of the time satellite internet service is the best choice you are left with. There are just 2 satellite internet service providers available in the USA. If the choice is between HughesNet and Viasat, we suggest Viasat as the better option. If big cable and DSL internet service providers aren’t close to where you live then high-speed satellite internet service is your sole choice.  

Viasat has limited internet plans based on where you live. The biggest strength of Viasat’s internet is that you can get internet service anywhere you want. Today we are doing a complete Viasat Satellite internet service review. 

Let’s start with the pros & cons of Viasat Satellite internet connection. 



Wide range of internet speeds

Price Hike in initial 3 months

Lower price per MBPS in comparison to HughesNet

Lower data caps in comparison to DSL, Cable & Fiber


Viasat Internet Prices & Plans 

Viasat is expensive but it is common practice for all the satellite internet service providers to be expensive. If you’re switching to satellite internet from Cable or DSL then let us tell you that the switch won’t be good for you. Viasat is even more expensive than HughesNet and the price hike every 3 months doesn’t help anyone either. If you are lucky and you have choices between satellite internet and other types of internet then we suggest you choose other types. Unless your alternative to satellite internet is Dial-Up.




Download Speed

Data Cap

Liberty 12



12 GB

Liberty 25



25 GB

Liberty 50



50 GB

Unlimited Bronze 12



35 GB

Unlimited Silver 12



45 GB

Unlimited Gold 12



65 GB

Unlimited Silver 25



60 GB

Unlimited Gold 30



100 GB

Unlimited Gold 50



100 GB

Unlimited Platinum 100


100 MBPS

150 GB


We are sure now you understand what we meant by the wide range of internet speeds. Viasat has no limit as to how many plans they offer to consumers. Doesn’t matter what kind of internet user you are, Viasat internet plans have a little bit of something for everyone. If you are wondering what is the difference between Viasat’s Liberty plans and Unlimited plans, well it’s simple, Unlimited plans come with a better data limit than the Liberty plans. Doesn’t matter how much data you actually get, you’ll still have a data cap with all satellite internet plans.  

No matter which plans you choose, you’ll want to watch out for the price hike after every 3 months. The good thing is that the 3-month price hikes exclude some of the Viasat’s plans. So if you can find out from your local Viasat internet provider which plans are excluded from the price hike then you can save yourself from spending a fortune. Keep in mind that the price hike is just for the initial 3 months of the plan. Once your prices have jumped once, your price is locked for the duration of 2 years. 

Let’s assume that you chose the “Unlimited Gold 50” plan and you have to pay $100/mo. After your 3 months are over, your price will jump to $150/mo which is a huge amount for satellite internet service.

 Viasat Internet to HughesNet internet Price Comparison 

If you know even a little bit about Satellite internet service in the USA. Then you should be aware of the fact that Viasat’s internet speeds are better than HughesNet. If you go by every single MB then Viasat costs less than HughesNet. 



Monthly Price

Download Speed

Data Cap

Viasat Internet

$30 – $150

12 – 100 MBPS

12 – 150 GB

HughesNet Internet

$59.99 – $150


10 – 50 GB


Unless you are okay with HughesNet’s 25 MBPS speed and low data caps then Viasat is usually the better deal. HughesNet 25 MBPS speed is good enough to stream content in HD but if you take connected devices and usage into account, HughesNet doesn’t seem like that good of an option. Let’s be honest with each other, choosing a satellite internet provider is like choosing between lesser of two evils. Keep in mind that the more devices are connected to your internet connection, the more speed you’ll get. 

 Which Viasat Plan is Best For You? 

Your ideal Internet plan is based on what you use the internet for and how much internet you use it for. Viasat internet is better than HughesNet no doubt. Here’s our opinion on Viasat’s internet plans, here are our recommended Viasat plans.  

l  12 MBPS: Ideal for a single user who uses the internet to browse social media and Email.

 l  25-30 MBPS: Good for two or three people who like streaming SD videos and light video games on the internet.  

l  50 MBPS: Good for a family of 3 to 4 people who love browsing the internet, casual social media, and video streaming. These speeds can also support a basic security camera setup.

 l  100 MBPS: Suitable for up to 5 people for browsing the internet, Surfing, Streaming, and online gaming.  

Now that you know all there is to know about Viasat Internet plans. Carefully determine your internet usage, a number of devices connected, and how much money you can spend and you got yourself the perfect satellite internet plan for your home.


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