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Use These Tips to Protect Your Secure Social Media account from Hacking

You have no idea about how things can be dangerous in the digital world. Every day, some people become victims of hacking. Have you ever thought about the security of your social media accounts?  Do you know that your social media account can be hacked in a few seconds? There is an old saying “When you face yourself, then you realize it.”  Therefore, until people’s account is not hacked, they are not going to take cyber security seriously.
Let us come to the main issue and try to understand social media security tips that will help in saving your social media account from being hacked.

Create Strong Passwords

The most important way to protect your social media accounts from hacking is to use a strong and secure password. But how do you know whether your password is strong or not? To know more about strong passwords, it’s important to know about weak passwords. Usually, people do not take their passwords seriously. They mostly consider it as a routine part of the process.  Therefore, we normally use a memorable password. For example, people use weak passwords like

Birthday– 10092001
Mobile No. – 0123456789
Their name – Neerajyadav

With such passwords, hackers can easily figure them out.  They will look at your username or email id and will easily guess your password. Therefore, you should never use such passwords. In case, you are using a password like this, you should immediately change it. Failing which you are putting your social media account at risk.

Let us know more about a strong password. Keeping cyber security in mind, all social media platforms allows you to use numbers, symbols and special characters in passwords apart from letters. Ideally, your password should be a mixture of all these. These passwords are not easy to hack.

For example, a strong password should be like this:
Here, the letters in the name TutorialPandit has been replaced with symbols and numbers. Such passwords are easy to remember, and also comparatively safer. You can also set your passwords using these tricks.


Update constantly

Just creating a strong password is not enough. Suppose, you have created a password and forgot it. This is not something you should do. Therefore, it’s important to change your password regularly. The main advantage of doing this will be if your password is used in some other device, then all this will become useless as soon as your password is updated.

If you want to keep safe on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, keep updating your password. Try to be innovative with your passwords. You should keep changing your passwords at regular intervals. Moreover, you should also change your password in the following circumstances.

If you have logged into a new device
You suspect someone is trying to login unauthorizedly into your account
If your computer or phone has been infected with a malware or virus

Keep Two Factor Authentication for social media account security

It’s like putting a 2-layer security layer on your social media account. Nowadays, two Factor Authentication facility is provided free of cost to all online accounts.  You can easily activate such a facility to secure your account. It’s one of the safest methods to ensure the identity of users.  This feature actually ensures that the person who is the legitimate owner of the account is accessing it.

When you enable two factor authentications on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, then during login on your device with username & password, you also receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile number or registered email id for authentication.

An OTP is sent to your registered mobile number to confirm the identity before making online payment. If you are really serious about your cyber security and want to keep your digital life protected, then you must enable a two factor authentication in your social media account.

Create Multiple Email IDs

You should always keep a separate email ID for your social media accounts that is different from the personal email ID. Creating an e mail ID doesn’t cost you anything. Therefore, take these precautions seriously. However, you must be wondering why should you maintain different email IDs for your social media and personal communication? This is essentially due to the fact that once a social media account is breached, your personal data and information will become accessible to hackers.

 Never Ever Click on Suspicious Links on Social Media

Hackers keep innovating new ways to hack your social media account. One of the methods they use is through suspicious links. If you click on links sent by an unknown user without hesitation, you are putting your online security at risk. The moment you click on such dubious links, your personal information may be stored on an unsecured server.

Therefore, whenever you receive a link in your email account, on message, or Facebook Messenger, and if you are not sure about its authenticity, don’t click it. Such links often claim to offer huge discounts, onetime offers, best deals, lotteries, etc. However, once you click it, you fall into the trap set by a hacker.

These days, we often hear about incidents where users’ information or business details are obtained by sending such fake links.
Many times links are designed in such a way that the moment you click on these links, your device is infected by viruses, malware, or software. You should avoid clicking on links that seem suspicious.

How to identify secure links?

Such links usually start with HTTPS like Once, you click the link, the same address will appear in the address bar of the browser. Hence, there is no possibility for a  redirect. To check this, click on the link above and see how the website opens. Try to see if the name is visible in the search bar of the browser or not?  If you find the same name, it’s a sign of authenticity. You can similarly check other links.

Avoid using remember password option for social media

When you log in to a social media account by entering your username and password, the browser always asks to save this information for you.  Most users allow it without realizing the risks. The main advantage of this method is whenever you log in to your account, you will not have to enter the password every time.

However, if another user accesses your device, he can easily access into your social media accounts and you will lose your privacy. You should never forget that there are no secure social media platforms, and if you want to keep safe, you must take help from these cyber security tips.


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