Updating Old Content Can Boost Traffic to Your Website

Content is king when it comes to boosting the ranking of a website. You need to update fresh pieces of information to engage your readers regularly. Of course, nobody would like to read the same information on and on. You will have to talk about their other problems. In the digital world, content is the way to communicate with your users. It represents your business tone, so it should not be trash, old and redundant.

Putting fresh content is not the only way to boost traffic to your website. You will need to update the old content too. Updating old content can increase your traffic at least by 30% that means you will generate more leads and hence more revenues. However, marketing experts suggest that you should update the fresh content if:

·         It is at least one year old.

·         Keywords that content is targeting are still in search.

·         Traffic to the page is declining.

·         Content is outdated.

Updating old content can help you have more backlinks. It helps build loyalty and reputation. Here are the tips you should follow while updating old content.

Figure out which content to be updated

You will have unlimited content that is older than a year. Of course, you will not update all of them – not that you do not have enough time to do so. It is because not all of them needs to be updated. Do not waste your resources by putting every blog in the update list.

You will have to monitor carefully which blog post should be updated. Make sure that you have some new data that needs to be added, or the blog consists of the data that is no longer relevant. You may have to include a chart, graph or infographic for a better understanding of the reader. There must be a solid reason for updating your old content.

Find out flaws and fix them

No piece of the content can be perfect. Even though you do not have anything like data, graph, chart, or any new information to add in the content, you may need to update it because it has some superficial errors. Make sure that your blog posts do not contain grammatical errors like spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.

If you have included any figures, make sure that they are up-to-date. Ambiguous and irrelevant information can mislead to readers. As a result, your reputation will be tarnished, and the traffic to your website will plummet.

For instance, if interest rates have been revised for debt consolidation loans for bad credit, you will have to update it as soon as possible. Otherwise, borrowers will lose trust and never come back to take out a loan. All information mentioned in your website and blog posts must be relevant, accurate and up to date.

Add information if necessary

Adding or subtracting content can be enough to update old posts. Look over your blog posts. Do you think there is some space to add new information? If yes, add it. If your blog consists of information that is no longer relevant, it will be better to remove. Step into the shoe of your target audience and then read the content.

Ask yourself if you are satisfied with it. Do you think it is enough to answer doubts and queries emerging in the reader’s mind? Such kind of questions will help you analyse the quality of your content. You will be able to understand what needs to be updated.

Update Meta titles and Meta descriptions

Updating Meta titles and Meta descriptions can be enough to update your content. It will help you a lot to boost traffic to your website. Meta titles more often than not do not target the relevant keywords and Meta descriptions do not clearly define what the blog or article is about.

Google search engines prefer Meta titles and Meta descriptions to decide the ranking for a post. Make sure that you keep them relevant to get high traffic to your website.

If you want to boost traffic to your website, you should update old content. Make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above. You should hire a marketer who can suggest you other ways to boost traffic. In case of a shortage of money, you can take out non guarantor loans.


Description: Updating old content can boost website traffic. This blog discusses the tips to do it.

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