Unique gift ideas that can be delivered online in London

The past year has been difficult for people all over the world. Many of us have not been able to meet our family and friends due to the ongoing pandemic. But that does not mean you cannot make them feel special on the important days of the year like birthdays and anniversaries. There are several things that are being sold online that you can buy and get them delivered to your loved ones. So even if you can’t make you loved ones feel good personally, you can always resort to sending them your love in order to make them feel special. Here are some unique gifts ideas that can be delivered to your friends and family living in London.


Plants provide a green space of positivity and add an element of nature to your house. A lot of people resorted plant care to keep themselves busy and in a good space of mind amidst all the negativity. Many people have admitted that watching a plant grow made them feel empowered. Hence, considering the ongoing times gifting a plant to your loved ones would be great idea. There are many websites like Patch that will deliver a potted plant to your doorstep.


Jewellery has been one of the most perfect gifts for your partner for a very long time and remains so even in the time of a pandemic. One might have their doubts about buying jewellery online, but certain brands like Hatton Garden can be trusted especially when it comes to engagement rings London. Their site allows you to customize the jewellery according to your choices and they get the ornaments delivered safely to their recipients along with authenticity certificate.

Craft Kits

With the pandemic forcing us to stay at home, many of us now have excess time on our hands that we can put to good use by engaging in our hobbies. Craft kits are an easy way to spend time doing the things that you love. Websites like Grace & Thorn and Botanical Boys are selling kits like DIY bouquet kits which you can put together to create a beautiful bouquet for your house. You can even order a terrarium set for your friends which comes with a glass bottle, plants and rocks. Other craft kits which involve wood pieces and colors can also be ordered and gifted to your friends who love to create something amazing.

Food items

Everyone likes to indulge in a hearty meal once in a while. This is what makes food a great gift. A lot of shops have resorted to selling their stuff online in order to stay afloat during the pandemic.  You can choose from a variety of cheese, gourmet food, wine, condiments, cakes, bread, cinnamon rolls, chocolates or a hamper containing all of these, whatever the person you are gifting likes. If you are confused between buying any lab grown diamond engagement rings or a plant, then opting to gift food items will be your safest bet.

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