Trend of Trousers and Pants in Women

Especially to present pants-cigarettes that nobody needs. Its cut resembles cigarettes, because his legs are equal and straight. This style of pants is popular with men and women. Today we are going to talk about what models of pants-cigarettes exist and what they should wear.


This pant model has its history since the distant fifties of the twentieth century. At that time, literally, everything had to be stored, so the pants were invented to create what required a minimum of tissue. Then there were tight pants with arrows, which replaced the wider models. The next wave of popularity of this model of pants came at the time of the appearance on the scene of Elvis Presley, who preferred tight and stylish pants. Since then, pants-cigarettes did not go out of style and enjoyed great popularity among fashion houses. Modern cigarette pants have the following characteristics:
A large number of different styles and models;
·         The arrow is no longer necessary in such pants;
·         Printed or monophonic coloration;
·         Thick fabric;
·        The fabric contains elastane.


Cigarette pants are perfect for modern girls and women who live in a crazy city rhythm. Such pants are very comfortable and versatile. , can be combined with absolutely any top. With their help, you can create many bright images. In addition, a variety of models of these pants allows you to choose them for any type of figure. Among them, pant-cigarette models differ in these parameters:

Waist level. In such pants, it can be classic, discreet and overrated.

Leg length. It could be ordinary, as well as ¾ and 7/8.

Cloth. It can be dense, like velvet fabric or suit, as well as light, like chiffon or silk.

Stylistic. The models can be daily, business or night.

What to combine

The pants-cigarettes combine perfectly with absolutely any item of clothing, since its cut is simple and at the same time elegant. They will be the main component to create everyday fashion images. If you are going to walk, you can complement your pants with a large sweater and comfortable shoes. And if you wear a night blouse and delicate pearl jewelry with cigarette pants and complement this image with high heels, you can even have a romantic date.

Leather jacket to adapt to casual style lovers

Cigarette pants are also suitable for business office style. They, in combination with a white silk blouse and a tight jacket, will create a beautiful image and will not break the strictest dress code.

Cigarette pants of any bright color are suitable for summer, as well as with ornaments and prints. If you wear a normal t-shirt or sweater, sunglasses and sandals with them, you can safely go on this help with assignment form to walk around the city. For the cold season, pants made of hot corduroy cigarettes are the best. These pants are perfect for coats, raincoats and raincoats.

It is best to complement the pants-cigarette shoes with heels. This image will look thinner and can balance the proportions of your body. Boots and booties, as well as high boots will look good with this type of pants.

Spectacular images

In everyday life, cigarettes pants will also be simply irreplaceable. They can be put anywhere: in the cinema with girlfriends, for the exam, for work and also for a walk or an appointment. And in each case, the pants, the cigarettes will be different. A stylish jacket with a leather jacket will add relevance and rebellion to your look, and in combination with cigarette pants will look very fashionable.

Orange cigarette pants in combination with neutral-colored clothing can become a bright accent of the image. With this type of clothing you can go to a meeting with friends and take a walk.

With cigarettes pants, you can also create an incredibly soft romantic image, if you choose all the clothes of delicate dusty tones. A strict commercial image may not be boring if you dilute it with unusual shoes, for example, sneakers. In this way and you will feel very comfortable.

Cycling pants

The Kardashians may not invent the cycling pants but, in a surprising turn of events, they have put designers on the trail of short tights as a star garment of spring 2019. The leggings cycling will no longer be a sport but never garment pure street style, combined with jackets, shirts and high-heeled sandals.

The proof that short leggings are going to be a trend is that they are already in the new looks of that shopping guru that is Zara. These, decorated with metallic sparkles, are available here.

The feathers

Spring fashion always implies a good dose of romanticism (floral pattern, pastel colors) but without a doubt in 2019 decorative dressings will play an absolutely fundamental role. When analyzing the proposals of the big firms it is easy to foresee that the feathers will take possession of low, sleeves and details in a touch of sophistication that speaks of a complex and modern beauty.
There is no more rabidly cosmopolitan mix than that of classic black jeans (like these, from 16Arlington) decorated with feathers on the bottom. They are available (and what is better: discounted) here.

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