Top 8 Ideas to Celebrate V-Day On A Budget

Valentine’s day is approaching soon, and you need to be browsing for the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Now buying gifts for the occasion of Valentine’s day can be quite a hectic task if you are on a strict budget. So here is a quick top 8 list of budget-friendly tips and hacks for a joyful celebration on Valentine’s day that will not burn a hole in your pocket:  

1. Celebrate V-day one day before or after: Not only will the restaurants be packed for Valentine’s Day, but they could also resort to “special” Valentine’s menus that might be more expensive than usual! As well, any coupons you may have for your favourite restaurants will likely not be valid, so consider spending February 14 at home and celebrating with your sweetie on another day.

2. Semi-homemade: Everybody loves a home-cooked meal, but if your dinner consists typically of basic quick 2 minute noodles, a simple halfway solution to treat your loved one is to order takeout. Have a fully cooked fancy meal delivered to your doorstep, and add on a few easy homemade touches like buttery garlic mashed potatoes, a delicious no-bake dessert, or chocolate fondue. You can easily order online cake delivery in Noida if you are planning to cook the meal yourselves. This can be a very romantic experience.

3. Plan ahead: Gift shopping for Valentine’s day does tend to be a bit of a last-minute thing. However, if you want to make it really special AND save money, it’s a good idea to shop early. Plus, if you are a really good planner, you can take advantage of a lot of the post-Republic Day sales and deals.

4. Shop online: This goes with planning ahead – it is so easy to find deals if you do your homework and comparison shop online. Look out for free shipping offers, cashback rewards and coupons and rebates to maximize your savings. Also, shop online safely with a secure cash payment option – some offer many of the same benefits as credit cards, such as buyer protection.

5. Memento: A great way to make a gift special and personalized without spending a huge amount is to incorporate your memories. Consider giving them a digital photo frame. Preload the pictures with a slideshow of your favourite shared moments. You can also personalize a gift card by including a heartfelt message.

6. Spend time inside: Set the mood for a relaxing evening – make an easy dessert like homemade truffles, make Valentines decorations and stay indoors while enjoying an evening of good music, games and nostalgic conversations.

7. Put a new spin on things: If you have run out of ideas, there are always ways to update an old standby gift without being clich├ęd. Rather than giving overpriced roses, why not help your lady love prep her garden for the spring with tools, planters and seeds? Or if you are always getting her sexy lingerie, turn it around by getting her to pick fun boxers and pyjamas for you instead! If you are bored of giving Valentine’s day chocolates, try making your own treats such as cupcakes or cookies.

8. In the mood for love: Whether you’re going out or not, you can make the evening more romantic by setting the mood at home first – dim the lights, give your sweetie a glass of wine or champagne, play soft music, and you can even slow dance around the living room. Even if you feel a little silly, it will get you both laughing and loosened up for the rest of the night. 

Last but not least, figure your Valentine out. Pay attention to your loved one’s favourite topics, or ask yourself what activities they are always trying to get you involved in – those are always good indicators of what gifts would be good for your Valentine. And in the lead-up to V-Day, make sure you listen to your partner carefully when they mention an item they would love to own. Oftentimes, we do not purchase something for ourselves because it is too expensive or frivolous or difficult to find. Getting such items as Valentine’s day giftsmakes it extra special because it feels good to find a person who acknowledges and loves us for the person we are. So, get your better half a lovely surprise on Valentine’s day.


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