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Top 5 Global Crises in 2021

Top 5 Global Crises in 2021 – There are many crises facing the world in 2021 but we will focus on the top five which require immediate solutions. The first crisis is that of providing food security across the globe. In the wake of the global pandemic, a large number of people have lost their source of livelihood.

Other crises include that of refugees. A record number of people have been displaced from their countries and have been staying as refugees in other countries. Climate change is also a pressing problem in 2021. It requires an international treaty to reduce carbon footprints on our planet.

Then, other pressing global issues include child marriages, gender discrimination, child trafficking, etc.  In order to find solutions for these problems, it is imperative that there is concerted global action. We will discuss the top five crises facing the globe one by one:

Food Security

It is the direst crisis facing the globe. There is no denying the global pandemic worsened the problem as a large number of people lost their employment. However, food being necessary for survival there is a pressing need for an international intervention to ensure the survival of people facing hunger across the globe(nitrogen).

Hunger is a severe condition to survive, especially for children. Even if a child survives hunger the effects of malnutrition will cause life-long mental and physical damage. The global target for eliminating hunger by 2030 is far off the mark. Still, there are over 51 million children under five grappling with malnutrition.

The worst malnutrition facing the children is found in areas trapped in internecine conflicts. And, this war is the main reason for contributing to hunger.

Problem of Refugees

In order to run to safe places, the families put everything at risk for finding stability. It is the children that are badly damaged. They often lose their parents and do not receive proper schooling and healthcare. More often than not, they also might end up being victims of early child marriages.

In countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, etc, the condition of people is becoming very bad. Yet, there is no strong effort from the international community to intervene. These countries require the institutionalization of stable governments.

If no stable governments are established in these countries, there is no option for people except to move to other countries and live as refugees. Conditions in the refugee camps are not hygienic.

Women and children face difficult times in these camps. During the migration, children also get separated from their parents. This puts them at extra risk with international traffic criminal networks looking for their victims especially in such places.

Social Impact of Climate Change

Climate change is one of the thorniest issues before the global community. Yet, there has been too much brouhaha but no concrete action. The effects of global change have a direct bearing on the vulnerable section chiefly farming communities depending on rainfall for their livelihood.

It is due to the effects of climate change that rains have become so irregular and sometimes there are no rains at all. In such conditions, there are no crops. As a result, farmers dependent upon subsistence farming find it hard to feed their families.

On the other hand, climate change is also the cause of devastating floods and landslides leaving behind damaged crops and communities. Often the families affected due to floods and droughts migrate to cities or new countries. In their new surroundings, they often find themselves at odds with the local communities.

Effects of climate change are devastating for families dependent on rains. It goes without saying that children of such families are the victims of damage due to climate change. They are not able to afford school fees and health expenses as they have no income.

Increase in Cases of Gender Discrimination and Child Marriages

The advent of the global pandemic has worsened the situation for girls across the globe. As many families are losing their source of livelihood the cases of girls forced into child marriages are on the increase. There are estimates that over 13 million will happen after the pandemic. These marriages are over and above those that occur normally every year.

Particularly for girls, the pandemic has caused a drastic situation for vulnerable girls. During the lockdowns, the cases of teen pregnancies have spiked significantly. The lockdowns were put in place for the safety of children and families.

In sub-Saharan Africa teenage pregnancy has become a serious problem since around one million girls became pregnant during the lockdowns. These girls did not return back to school. Such situations in conflict-ridden regions often push girls into a vicious cycle of poverty.

The problem of Trafficking and Child Labour

As a result of global pandemic and lockdowns, the closure of economic activity put millions out of jobs. This has brought about economic distress. Families are finding it hard to feed themselves and send their children to school.

Instead, it gives rise to conditions where children are prone to sexual and emotional violence. This exploitation of children will rise in the future. With families losing their income due to the COVID-19 Oxygen gas plant, the children are begging on the streets and they are also working to provide a livelihood for their families.

Trafficking of children is also increasing. Hard-pressed families even go to the extent of selling their children. Although many steps have been taken to curb trafficking there is little to show on the ground.

As for child labor, there is a strict law prohibiting child labor mandating imprisonment for owners of establishments employing children under the age of fourteen years. There is no denying the fact that the law did have an effect on curbing the menace but not to the desired extent.

For laws to become fully effective, it is imperative for society to play an important part. Social awareness is crucial for weeding out harmful economic and social practices.

Trafficking will emerge as one of the big crises of 2021 if we do not undertake a comprehensive multi-pronged approach to solve this problem.

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