Top 10 Tips for First-Time Travelers

In the current age of awareness, more and more people are realizing the importance of traveling. It only gives you more exposure and helps you stay informed about different cultures, but for a lot of people, it is a way for personal, mental and spiritual growth. Other than traveling for exploring and personal reason, with globalization traveling for commercial and business reasons, is also increasing. 
However, with all this traveling, it is essential to understand some of the unspoken rules of visiting an unknown city or country. For example, to download safety apps on your smartphone or to rent a car in Dubai for convenience. These small tips can really help improve your overall traveling experience.
Let’s look at the top ten tips for first-time travelers that will help ensure you have a safe and fun trip.
Don’t carry a lot of Electronics 

As millennial, we understand how dependent you are on your gadgets and you need to take a camera with you everywhere. But when traveling, you don’t particularly need a huge digital camera, and let’s be real; you are not going to be working on your laptop even if you do get some free time. 
Just a smartphone should be enough to take good quality of the photo and you can also receive and send emails through it. Roaming around a new city with bulky electronics can become a big hassle and might not be safe as well. However, if for work or any other reason you do need to carry them, it may be a better idea to rent a car in Dubai or wherever you are traveling to. It will make it very easy and convenient for you to carry your gadgets around.
Download important apps

You need to consider all safety measures, especially when traveling alone. You will likely end up in some unfamiliar city or area, and if you have downloaded the right apps, your friends and family can keep tabs on you. Some of the apps you should have on your mobile include:
  • Uber – A lot of us already have Uber in our phone. Uber works in several countries around the world, and they will make your life easier. If you feel confused or intimidated by public transportation, you can always use Uber to get to your hotel.
  • bSafe – This another great app to have on your phone when traveling, but you have to make sure your friends and family also have to download. If you think you are not safe, the app can help you forward your location to them and they can virtually walk with you as you get back to the hotel.
Be careful with your money
Make sure you only keep a small cash amount on you and don’t keep all your money in one place. It is recommended to carry copies of the front and back sides of all your credit cards, passports and IDs. Moreover, it is also a good idea to inform your bank that you will be traveling because they might freeze your cards at very inappropriate times. 

Moreover, when you rent a car in Dubai, or where you are traveling to, it makes carrying around relevant documents very easy, you can be relaxed as no one else is going to be in the car except you.   
Use car rentals 

These days, you will be able to car rental companies everywhere, especially around your hotel and at the airport. When you are traveling, you want to leave the hotel and go to new places at your own time, pace and mood. Public transportation is not hugely time-consuming and annoying but at times, it is also not safe.  

Hence, a lot of people prefer to rent a car in Dubai and other busy cities around the world to enjoy a much better, convenient experience. 
Get your travel insurance 
For many of you, this would seem like a no-brainer, but surprisingly there are a lot of people who are too busy planning the itinerary and they forget about their travel insurance. If you are planning a trip and you already don’t have travel insurance, then you need to get one. It will safeguard and avoid losing big bucks due to lost luggage or canceled flight. Travel insurance is critical in the big picture and it gives you peace of mind.     
The wrap-up

Yes, traveling is a lot of fun; it gives you the freeing feel that not many things in the world can. As more people around the globe realize the importance of traveling and exploring new places and cultures, as well as finding out more about yourself and life, it has equally become necessary to understand necessary measures you need to take when traveling. Whether you are traveling alone or with friends or family members, make sure you go in prepared and ready for everything that comes your way.

So, stay safe and happy traveling!  

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