Top 10 microphones in India for YouTubers and Singers.

Microphones are very important for them who are making Videos for youtube or Vlog, If you don’t have  Good Voice Quality in your video that means your video doesn’t give you a positive response as per your expectations.  Today we’re going to tell you best mircophones in india.

Professional YouTubers also use these microphones for their Sound. So, friends today I am going to tell you the best options of microphones read this article till the end you will understand which is the best Microphone for recording.

1- Boya By-M1 – 
                Boya By M1 is the best to record your voice, many famous YouTubers recommend this mic because they also using this, You can connect this mic with your smartphone, DSLR, Camcorders, audio recorders, and Pc. It has 3.5mm to 6.33mm adapter with low handling noise, This mic is best for Presentation and Youtube Videos.
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2- Samson go mic – 
                Samson go mic is portable USB condenser microphone, Samson go mic is best for voiceovers. You can listen to the sound while recording. Samson Go Mic is an option to directly connect with Smartphones  This Device is completely compatible with Windows with no driver required. Samson go mic is superb for recording Voice any type of sound, it also ideal for voice recognition software, it has a 20hz-18khz frequency.

3- Blue Snowball – 
                Singers, artist, gamers, YouTubers all recommend this Blue Snowball Microphone, This is one of the best microphones, you can record professional voice, Blue Snowball Compatible with Laptops or computers this device also allows CD-quality recording. A switch allows you to toggle between three different settings, giving flexibility record vocals. This product doesn’t require any drivers. It has a cardioid mode with -10 dB PAD WITH Omnidirectional model this feature helps you to record sound from all directions.
4- Zoom H1n – 
                Zoom h1n is the best for recording, you can use this just press one button it has one-touch button controls. One thing is best in this you can transfer your data through USB it has a USB port that helps you to connect with your Laptop or Pc, it has very useful functions like Playback speed control voice emphasize filter and stereo overdubbing. It mic has built-in X/Y stereo microphones for capturing high-quality sound.  

5- Blue Yeti – 
                Blue Yeti is an ultimate professional USB Microphone, Only Amazon import this Product,it has Pattern mode Stereo (left or right),Cardioid (front side), onnidirectional (all sides) and Biodirectional (Front & Behind). This microphone gives you Professional sound experience you can purchase this for high-quality sound recording, This Mic is perfect for Vocals, Musical instruments, Podcasting, voiceovers, etc. This is compatible for Pc and Mac just plug and Transfer your data. It has a mute button you can instantly mute your voice and it also has headphones volume and microphone gain button. It comes with 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to listen to what you are recording at the same time. Frequency of this product is 20Hz – 20khz.

6- Rode Videomicro ( Best for vlog ) – 
                If you are enthusiast about your Vbloggers or Youtubers or any type of content creator this microphone is best for you. Rode Videomicro is direct connectivity option with DSLR. You can record high-quality sound with pristine clarity. this device reduces the over-all disturbances in the sound and records your voice very clear. This device compatible with smartphones, camera Etc. Many of famous YouTubers are using this and they also recommend for youtube content creators. its The frequency range is 100Hz- 20khz. it has 20dB-A (A-Weighted) Equivalent Noise Level.
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7- Generic 3.5mm clip mini lapel –
                Generic 3.5 Clip mini lapel is best for who don’t have the budget to buy costly mics, the mic is compatible with standard headset jacks 7rrs, ctia equipment, like iPad, iPhone, Htc phones, Samsung mobile phones, Lg mobile  or Computers.

8- Zabel RC 02 –
                Zabel RC 02 is a very good option for Vblogger and YouTubers, so many YouTubers use this mic for record high-quality voice for their videos, this mic is multipurpose you can connect with guitar, drum, bass, and keys. it has very good frequency range with mic for the record all Instruments and your own voice. You can connect this with any device Just plug it start recording your voice. it comes with 3.5mm jack.

9- Rewy Brobeat 3.5 mm – 
                Rewy Brobeat is the lowest price mic. This mic comes with 3.5mm TRRS that means it ca Jack easily plugin with its compatible devices like iPhone version 4s or 5s, iPad, MacBook android Smartphones and Etc. its comes with 1.25-meter cable length and its frequency range is 30Hz-15000Hz.

10- Neewer –
                Neewer 3.5mm Hands-free Mini Lapel Microphone with small stunning design, it has 1.5m length of wire, You can connect this with DSLR. You cannot connect this device directly with your smartphone. if you are planning to buy this device for a smartphone then you need to buy a male-female input adapter. This Product Quality is Average its 3.5mm jack is very standard. It has a 1.2meter wire. Audio Quality is Average.

These are the top 10 microphones, hope this article helps you to choose the best Microphone.

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