The Critical Technology Trends your Business needs to know about it in 2019

The beginning of each year is always certainly the best time to make plans that will be executed throughout the year. It is that time we need to look out for important things to take note of and that’s exactly what we would be doing this 2019.

As it often tends to be, your business and IT support London may be overlooked at the start of the year. This is why, as part of IT solutions in London, we have organized the vital technical issues that could likely affect your business in 2019.
         Multi-factor authenticity

Business and customer data is important for growth and expansion. The security your business provides to its customers is instrumental to keep them coming back. In 2018, a lot of security breaches were experienced by huge companies like Facebook, Twitter, HSBC, and others.

Cybercrime perpetrators increasingly hacked profiles of millions of users, selling them in the black market, especially to the highest bidder. But be that as it may, multi-factor authenticity is still being overlooked by the majority of businesses. It may interest you to know that GDPR is all the incentive any company needs to provide better authentication process for their staff. It’s not expensive, easy to deploy and a simple solution to growing security concern.

To secure your business data using multi-factor authenticity, you can contact your IT provider for IT solutions London.
          GDPR isn’t going away

The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR is a law that protects personal data. It 
is not forgotten just because we’re in 2019. Reviewing your business’s data security is something you need to do regularly, especially now that the cyber world is teeming with hackers. This year, cybercrime is expected to rise again.
One way of improving your overall cybersecurity is the Government-backed scheme and Cyber Essentials. Cyber Essentials protects you from common cyber threats.
     Windows 7 reaches the end of life

Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft come January 2020. Microsoft has advised users on the possibility of their PCs being prone to security risks after they withdraw their security and feature updates.
Time to act is now! Windows 10 has fewer versions that will reach the end of life during 2019. Contact your IT support London to start discussing options for replacing windows 7 and 10.
           Improved customer communications

Customer relations have been maintained by telephone calls over the years. This trusty landline had been the only choice but wait; we now have VoIP.
This means you now have an alternative to landline telephone conversations. VoIP is expected to become more popular this year, 2019. It uses your existing internet connections; saves your business money. Again, expect more advanced chatbots this year.

Now that you know some of the outstanding issues, your business will face in 2019, start making the necessary adjustments today. Consult your IT provider for advice. If you don’t have one, do reach us for IT solutions London.

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