The Best Way To Raise Good Cholesterol


There are various theories about why good cholesterol is increased by exercise, but the details have not yet been clarified. However, it has been confirmed that the higher the number of walking steps in Japan, the higher the cholesterol level. It is clear from the data that exercise improves HDL cholesterol levels, and it is known that the cholesterol levels of marathon athletes are very high.

For both men and women, the more people walked, the higher the cholesterol tended to be. This is especially true for men. Many men are used Vilitra 60or Fildena Super Active to enhance their strength.

Cholesterol is a type of lipid similar to neutral fat, but unlike neutral fat, cholesterol does not become energy and is not broken down in the body. Therefore, no matter how much you exercise, it is difficult to lower the bad cholesterol.

But with exercise, you can burn and reduce neutral fat. There is a seesaw-like relationship between neutral fat and cholesterol, and when neutral fat decreases, cholesterol increases. At this time, there are no drugs aimed at increasing cholesterol, so exercise is probably the best way to raise cholesterol.

Start aerobic exercise 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

Exercise that works against cholesterol is “aerobic exercise” represented by walking. It’s best to get a little sweaty and lightly breathe, and you don’t have to be too intense. What is important is to keep your body moving without fluttering. Ideally, you should continue for 30 minutes a day, every day, but don’t be afraid to start with a goal of 3 days or more a week. Also, this 30-minute exercise a day can be divided into several times. For example, you can exercise for 10 minutes three times in the morning, day and night.

In addition, muscle training (anaerobic exercise) is also recommended. Unlike aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise does not have the effect of burning fat or raising cholesterol, but if you gain muscle, you can expect the effect of increasing basal metabolism, reducing insulin resistance and lowering blood sugar levels. Diabetes increases the risk of damaging blood vessels and causing arteriosclerosis, so anaerobic exercise should be included as appropriate.

So what measures should be taken to increase good cholesterol?

Meals are the main means of preventing cholesterol, but Teramoto says that even if you devise a meal, it will not be very effective in raising good cholesterol. Then, what is good for raising good cholesterol is, “Exercise is more effective than diet,”

Is diet effective in increasing good cholesterol?

Cholesterol that many people care about as a result of health examination. Cholesterol includes bad (cholesterol) and good (cholesterol). It is desirable to have a lot of good people, but it is either “revision of diet” or “practice of exercise” that the effect of increasing it can be expected.

Although cholesterol is bad, it plays an important role in delivering cholesterol synthesized in the liver to the whole body. However, too much can be a problem. Cholesterol in excess in the blood has nowhere to go and has no choice but to sneak into the walls of blood vessels. This causes arteriosclerosis.

On the other hand, the opposite of cholesterol is the good cholesterol, which reduces the bad. Cholesterol patrols the blood pulls out cholesterol accumulated in the blood vessel wall and collects it in the liver.

So ideally, in addition to the bad cholesterol being low, the good cholesterol is high.

However, people with high blood pressure should be aware of elevated blood pressure during exercise. Do not hold your breath and do normal breathing to avoid excessive rise.

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