Seven Quick Steps you can Apply to Boost Your Ecommerce Startup

How easy it feels to get your best accessories delivered at your home in few taps only?
No commute expenses, no shopping in the hustle and no more bargaining with the sellers. The comfort of ecommerce for the customers has pushed forward the ecommerce trend on a wide scale.
Entrepreneurs are choosing ecommerce stores as their startups. But 60% of the entrepreneurs find it a challenge to grow due to the presence of huge ecommerce businesses on the Internet. Winning the race, it’s not easy as all startups are giving their blood and sweat to lead the competition.
If you’re also a startup and struggling to boost your ecommerce business, then these tips will help you to evolve in your journey.
1.      Simple User Interface
When a buyer visits your website, he is more interested in fetching his desired product rather than looking at the website features. So, an easy user interface is the way out in this situation. The products on the website should be crystal clear, products description should be easy to comprehend, and the buyer guide should be attached to each product. Customer reviews are the bonus point on your website, adding them will show how credible your product is and how it has impacted the customer lives. It portrays the originality of the product and hence increases the customer trust on your website.
2.      Cost Efficient Shipping Solution
When customers are ordering products from the far-flung E-stores, they look for a budget-friendly shipping cost. And sometimes the shipping cost is greater than the product itself. So, if you’re a startup, you need to lower your shipping cost and if you want to get more sales, try offering free shipping. The word ‘Free’ attracts customers and buyers prefer to purchase that offers free shipping. But that doesn’t mean you should offer free shipping on all products; you can consider only those products that are high-margin items.
3.      Study Analytics
If you know your customers well, you can boost your ecommerce sales efficiently. Study the analytics to know what products on your store are the best-selling, most selling and loved by customers. Highlight these products on your home page and offer some discounts on them. Consult any professional web design company to filter the results for you and leverage those results to build your ecommerce startup.
4.      Live Chat Support
Never let your customers go. If they’re finding it difficult to shop on your website, help them through live chat support. It’s the top trending ecommerce tip that converts your prospects into buyers. Sometimes the details on your website aren’t enough for customers and they look for support to resolve their queries. If your website has the live chat feature enabled, they will find it easy to interact and can make an immediate decision to buy the product.
5.      Commit to your Deadlines
Don’t be a minute late in delivering the orders. When you’re a startup it’s important that you show responsibility and loyalty towards your customers. When the customers are testing your services first, they are expecting the orders delivered on time, and it’s not wise to make them late as it will turn your customers off. So, commitment to the timeline is the key to build the customer’s trust in you.
6.      Stay Active on Instagram
Instagram is the best tool for ecommerce stores. The storytelling feature, hashtags and the picture showcasing make it the best tool to increase the ecommerce sales. There are more than 800 million users on Instagram. Now, think about how much staying active on this platform can affect your business popularity?
7.      Video Marketing
More than blog posts, people prefer videos to learn about you. They don’t want to scroll pages to read about you but only want to play the button and learn. Video marketing trend is getting popular, and that’s why you’d see an increasing number of Vloggers on the Internet. Through videos, you can tell how your products work and how it has benefitted the customers. You can also be informative and engaging while creating videos for your ecommerce store.
With an ecommerce startup, your major part of the job in the use of the Internet wisely. But behind the scenes, you should also work to resolve your customers’ complaint, answer their queries and thinking out of the box ideas to bring them to your ecommerce store.
Stay consistent and see your efforts will return with a profitable revenue.
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