Picking The Best Valentine’s Day Bouquet – A guide for Husband’s.

Husband’s are no doubt the most complicated creature’s, it’s hard for us to understand them, but so are wives. Rejoicing the love that both of them have between each other, people celebrate valentine’s day. It’s the day of love, but it becomes a complication when you have to give someone a gift. There are many husbands who have lots of ideas and things planned for their wives and then come, people like us who don’t want to spend too much time thinking about what to gift what not to gift, just something good is enough for her, but on this day all the wives expect a little more than just flowers.
Ideally, you can show love to her all year round and the best gift would be to lend a helping hand with domestic chores, run a few errands for her, you have to do something that makes her feel that you love her and want to make this day special for her. Flowers delivery in mumbai or any other city where she resides or you both live would be an awesome idea. But almost all husbands give flowers to their wives on Valentine’s day. So now which ones you give her will be your choice.
Choosing the correct flowers

Since she’s your wife, you are aware at least of her favorite colors and the fact that she’s not allergic to any of the plants. Now it is possible that your wife loves lilies and hates orchids. In this case don’t experiment in such situations and give her some great lilies or a mixture of roses, lilies, tulips, and sunflowers, buy flowers bouquet online and get on-time delivery. But if it happens that you are a newlywed and it was an arranged marriage and you didn’t get that much time to spend together then, in that case, you must stick to the classics flowers for Valentine’s Day, such as roses, lilies, carnations, and tulips.
Color scheme

Colors are one of the most important aspects while gifting flowers to not just your wife, but any woman and man, just Valentine’s Day flower delivery are not sufficient. If they have some hateful memories attached to a color or a particular shade you must avoid that. So below you can find a list of colors and what they represent.

Red =  Love
White = Peace and serenity
Yellow = Bright and Cheerful
Pink = Elegance and Grace
Blue = Mystery
Peach = Gratitude
Orange= Passion
Green= Rejuvenated Spirit
Red and White = Unity In Diversity
But this point has to be kept in mind that, every colour also has a negative emotion attached to it. And what we see today are modern versions of our spirit colours. Initially in Rasas, Green is the color of Love and Red of Fury. But you don’t have to go in-depth in color analysis, just some simple knowledge is enough.
As you have seen above that there is one color associated with every feeling, but you have to be careful now as you don’t want to gift your wife, Blue roses on Valentine’s day, that represents mystery, this could take your wife to a whole lot of another level. Especially if you got your valentine’s day flower delivery online. Roses are traditional valentine’s day flowers.  But if you actually want to impress your wife you could gift her some combination roses, orchids, lilies and tulips, but be sure with the color scheme.

How to present the flowers

Suppose if you live outside India, the only possible way for you is to send flowers to India. But even when sending them online you have to be sure that these flowers are fresh, and on-time delivery. But what will make them awesome is that they must include a note, something that you could not express to your wife in these many years, and many of your thoughts could be attached in these flowers. Since it’s the day of love, don’t be scared to spend a little more and order the flowers in a vase, and not in a wrapping paper.

You could probably buy red rose bouquet online or it could be something like “missed you so much” basket with red roses and teddy bears, you could also add chocolates, greetings, and seasonal greens. Or ” love without name” tinted blue dark purple orchids. There are many combinations like this available online. To make this day more beautiful get these bouquets delivered by midnight. 

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