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Moonstone Jewelry: All You Need to Know About This Ethereal Beauty


The stone of the travelers and mysterious beauty, moonstone captures the hearts with its surreal beauty. It is an opalescent gem with a unique sheen that has been valued for its charm and qualities for thousands of years. For a long time, the gemstone has been associated with the divine lunar energy of the ancient Romans and Greeks. The June Birthstone has been considered a magical “dream stone” in India. “Dream Stone” comes from its quality of bringing a calming sleep with good dreams.

The ancient people sewed moonstones into their clothes when they traveled during the nights. It was worn in amulets as a protection against evil energies. And now that it has been used in several other jewelry items, it has become the favorite of gem collectors. It makes for fine, delicate jewelry that has the perfect sophistication and elegance. No doubt, moonstone jewelry goes with every kind of attire. Rananjay Exports has a fantastic collection of gem accessories in exquisite designs.

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1. Learn More About The Gemstone

The gemstone comes in soft hues and shimmer that is not too much and not too less. It varies from semitransparent to opaque. The colors include white, gray, brown, green, yellow, pink, orange, and sometimes colorless. The sheen of the gemstone looks white and occasionally silvery. The glow comes from the phenomenon called adularescence which is caused due to the arrangement of feldspar minerals in the internal structure of the gem that scatters the light striking them. Some rare crystals show a blue adularescence, often called ‘blue flash’ or ‘blue sheen.’ These are desirable specimens of moonstone. Some crystals offer a spectrum of colors and are termed as ‘rainbow moonstone.’

The serenity of a moonstone makes for impressive jewelry pieces. It is generally polished as a cabochon to display its color better. The cabochons are given oval, round, square, rectangular, marquise, or teardrop shapes. The gemstone is also polished into beads or sometimes faceted. Rose-cut is also a popular cut for the gem. The gemstone is used in various jewelry styles from the boho to the chic and classy. The gemstone contains inclusions of small-sized cracks formed due to tension, known as centipedes.

2. Jewelry Made With This Gemstone

Moonstone accessories can be worn every day. Dainty moonstone earrings are loved for their stunning appeal. They can be worn to work and when you want to keep it minimal. Likewise, moonstone necklaces have an incredible appeal. You can go for beaded necklaces or statement bold pieces.

Moonstone rings are nowadays being considered a good option for the wedding ring. There is a range of colors to choose from when it comes to a moonstone. Its ethereal beauty has always captivated the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts. A protective setting for the stone is preferable for gemstone rings.

3. Benefits of Wearing Moonstone Accessories

The gemstone is famous for taking care of your emotions during the cycles of the moon. It helps to maintain your emotional balance. It is a stone of new beginnings. It will help you move on with the new phases of life. Wearing moonstone jewelry will help you enhance qualities like patience. Its feminine energies will make you a calm person and soothe your aggressive side. It is suitable for wiping out the negative energies from your aura. It will help you look within yourself and work towards self-improvement.

It helps females go through monthly cycles smoothly without any pains. It also eases childbirth and problems in pregnancy. Some wear a moonstone jewelry piece like a moonstone bracelet to get rid of digestive issues. It also helps in the proper absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. In addition, the gemstone cures insomnia and other sleep-related problems.

4. Cleaning of The Gemstone

Moonstone has a hardness of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale. But despite that, it needs proper care. Keep the gemstone away from harsh cleaners and chemicals. It is advised to remove the jewelry during the deep cleaning. It should be saved from scratches, so taking the gemstone jewelry off during exercise is a must. Also, keep the gem jewels away from excessive heat.

While storing the accessories, be mindful of keeping them separate in a cloth-lined jewelry box. Make sure that you get the accessories checked at some time intervals from your nearby jewelers and get the clasps and other things checked.

5. The Best Site to Buy Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone is a highly valued crystal in terms of healing, and if you have planned to add this gemstone to your collection, then it is the best investment to make. Many sites in the market sell gem accessories, but when it comes to quality, Rananjay Exports has earned its name and fame for genuine and authentic wholesale gemstone jewelry. They have a wide range of designs and patterns in moonstone jewelry made in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil.

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