Love you Fiordland! A night at Lake Marian


Prior to this year, I got to know that my New Zealand summertime was rapidly sneaking away like sand granules through my fingers. The days were vanishing in front of me, they were getting shorter, and sooner rather than later I’d be back on another trip to Ireland.

I’d been on a number of heart-pounding adventures before such as Wanaka’s paragliding trips, stunning Christmas evening in the Marlborough Sounds, climbs around South Island’s Queenstown – yet I’d not get any chance for an overnight. I got out of my New Zealand geography and began searching for a feasible short-term experience that I could do with Laura.

We were thinking about planning something for best tour packages somewhere close to my home, something similar to the overnight up to Earnslaw Burn. Anyways it’s been a very long time since I did any adventurous activities in Fiordland (outside of traveling to New Zealand’s Milford Sound), I set my eyes toward that path.

Around four years back, I went to the amazing day hike up to rocky alpine terrains of Gertrude Saddle. Around then, we expedited the whole night in the Homer Hut that is located in Fiordland National Park, Southland, and trekked up to Gertrude Saddle the following day. I thought about that choice, however, to make the full use of my weekend, I chose we’d initially do climb the Lake Marian, put a camp and stay overnight, and afterward walk up to the Gertrude Saddle the nest morning.

Fiordland is one of the most conspicuous regions of New Zealand that one can ever visit. Sheer and transcending rock faces, freezing cold valleys with sheets of ice high above, crystal clear mountainous lakes and snow-fed rivers – this is the marvelous New Zealand that we are talking about, the scenes that are pictured in popular global magazines. It’s an enchanted spot to pass through while in transit to Milford Sound, and a surprisingly better spot to go along while in the hinterlands.

The climb to Lake Marian leaves from the Haast-Hollyford road, on the Milford Sound side of the separation. It’s just around 4 hours of coming back with a backpack, continuously trekking for about 2 hours or so from the Hollyford Road across a number of thrilling waterfalls and through series of greenwoods. However, with more weight, the climb up will definitely take a little bit longer.

We put up our camp on the shores of the river, however, it’s important that there are no traditional encamping amenities. There is a straight latrine directly before you come towards the lake, however, to discover level ground without any rocks in it, we needed to clamber for around 500 meters or so along the Lake Marian shores. In case, if you do likewise the same thing, kindly don’t mind in forgetting any of your stuff – carry everything out with you on your journey, and in case you are to do your business, do it with accountability!

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Upon the idea of climbing up, we did not have a lot of bigger expectations, however, this side trip of 4 miles turned out to be the new attraction of our whole New Zealand trip! Climbing and trekking through the jungle and pay a visit to the lake had a big distant feeling, and we did not see much hikers on our way out here since most of the hikers who visit Fiordland National Park, surely like to visit Milford Sound as well.

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