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Looking To Elevate Your Experience Of Home Entertainment ? Here are a few steps to guide you By ETC Things

Elevating your experience of home entertainment can be a daunting process as exciting as it might be. And choosing the right size and system will surely enable you to indulge in an immersive viewing experience. One of the most challenging parts is choosing the best projector for home. Here we’ll help you learn the ABCs of picking the right projector for your home entertainment system so that you can get an unparalleled experience.

Screen size is subjective, find your right fit!

The screen size must be selected depending upon multiple factors including –

  1. Size of the room
  2. Seating arrangement and capacity
  3. The primary purpose (likes/dislikes)

After identifying your unique requirements, you can choose the right type, size and features of the portable LED projector so that you receive a viewing experience you have imagined.

With projector-type, pick the right features!

First of all, decide what type of entertainment you choose. ETC Things has exclusively brought Wowoto portable LED projectors for the first time in India. Wowoto presents a projector for each type of entertainment, be it sports, action movies or general entertainment. With models like Wowoto XO2, XO3 & S 3D DLP. You can talk to their experts at [email protected], to know which is the right projector for you.

Don’t Stress We Will Break It Down For You!

First of all, the good thing about buying a Wowoto projector is that they have a portable LED projector for every budget. They are loaded with features like Full HD projectors, 4K readiness, 3D projectors and many more! It is not only limited to this they have amazing collaborations with brands like Boat to enhance the sound system of your home entertainment experience. And they have on-site warranty and free installation services

A few points you must keep in mind while choosing the right projector for your home theater screen –

  1. Find the screen that fits in your room
  2. 4K has made bigger screens popular
  3. Choose projector as per your usage
  4. Check the details other than features, viz. service, installation, compatibility to other devices, etc.

About ETC Things: A blend of innovation and cutting-edge technology combined with a tech-savvy team is what defines ETC Things. They are dedicated to the research and development of products that make human life better.

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