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Looking for a Warranty Extension of your Car? Consider pros & cons 

While buying a car, almost everyone seeks whether they are getting enough warranty extensions or not. However, you must know that this is completely a myth that whatever happens within the warranty period will come under the coverage. Rather, you must read the terms and conditions carefully.

Moreover, these car manufacturers usually offer only those materials under warranty, which is easy to replace or do not cost a high amount. Even many people shared their feedback when it comes to the matter of extended warranty. Indeed, not all the feedbacks are positive.

Basically, an extension of warranty is no longer better than vehicle insurance. So, it is of no use to get vehicle insurance in the name of a warranty. Due to getting an extension of warranty, you need to pay a particular amount of money as a premium to that vehicle company.

However, it is not entirely true that an extended warranty is ultimately a waste of money. I do not want to take any headache for your car then perhaps it is the best option. So, know more about the advantages and disadvantages of extending the warranty of your car.

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Advantages of the warranty extension

  • Save money on sudden repair 

People look for warranty extensions because of avoiding extra expenses due to unplanned repairing of cars. Even if you keep it under regular maintenance, it is still highly unpredictable when the engine stops working. Moreover, when you take the car to the repairing centre, you may discover a significant issue.

It is an essential daily item, so you can hardly skip repairing it. To save you from unwanted expenses, a warranty extension is the only way. There are many automotive warranty providing companies that take care of significant issues.

  • It keeps you on budget 

No wonder when you will take the car to a service centre, several problems may arise. The automotive service company may ask you to repair necessary problems. In such a scenario, it is entirely impossible to spend more than what is estimated if you are running within a strict budget. However, warranty extensions can solve financial problems.

As your car is within the warranty so, you need not pay even an extra pound. You may easily step forward for necessary repairing without even going out from the budget.

  • It no longer depends upon age 

The provision of an extended warranty is especially for those people whose vehicle’s age is more than 4 years. Therefore, there is no worry about whether your aged vehicle can enter into the warranty extension scheme or not. Nevertheless, it is better to enrol your vehicle under warranty just after you purchase the car.

  • It is not expensive 

Perhaps you think that while applying for a vehicle warranty extension, there is a huge amount of money requirement. Well, it is ultimately a myth. Instead, you need the only minimum amount of money for an extension. Even many automotive warranty providers only ask for a nominal fee for renewing the warranty.

  • Round the clock service 

The only reason people find this extension of warranty helpful is due to round the clock availability. Even if you are stuck in the middle of the highway after your one call, that automotive warranty provider representative will reach you. On the other hand, some car servicing company that offers warranty extension also provide car finance for bad credit score so that expensive car repairing becomes inexpensive.

  • Resale your car without any worry 

Nowadays, with increasing price rise, many people are looking forward to buying the second-hand car to save money on transportation. Therefore, if you have any plans to resale your car in the near future, a warranty extension is a worthy decision. Buyers will happily purchase those second-hand vehicles which come under an extended warranty period.

 Disadvantages of the Extension-Warranty

  • A cheap option to save money 

For many people, a warranty extension can be a very cheap idea which only saves money. This is because they think that those warranty extension companies do not offer any additional coverage. Instead, a vehicle insurance company offers the same at a comparatively low cost. So, instead of choosing the warranty extension option, they would like to purchase the vehicle insurance plan.

  • It takes a long time 

Generally, vehicle warranty givers do not repair the car fast. They do not have repairing equipment ready at their service centre. For this reason, it takes a long to repair a car. This is one of the main reasons for not choosing warranty extensions.

  • Complicated and confusing terms and conditions 

Many people have already been duped after taking a warranty extension. This is because they do not read the terms and conditions properly. As a result, the warranty extension company can easily save itself from taking responsibility for any additional car repairing. Therefore, people who are duped usually speak about the cons of the warranty extension.

  • Large repairing does not come completely free 

Even after paying the monthly premium, you can’t get assurance of completely free repairing. There are many cases of large repairing where the company denies serving free. Moreover, the car owner is asked to pay additional charges for repairing the problem.

Mostly, warranty providers do not take the initiative if there occurs a severe problem in the engine. Sometimes, warranty providers even charge extra for a routine check-up too.

Therefore, all these disadvantages are also associated with warranty extensions. So, before you invest money in such a company, make sure you know everything about its pros and cons.


Eoin Owen is the author of content writing and a professional blogger and financial consultant with more than four years in the same industries. She has been completed her degree in the year 2015 at Ireland University.

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