Know About the Best Christmas Celebration Around The Globe

Christmas is a Christian festival celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world. It is observed on 25th December and is celebrated in remembrance of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. It is the most awaited festival of the year because this festival falls in the holiday season and everyone loves holidays. The students got a break from the schools and colleges and adults also got off from their workplaces. So, it is a wonderful time to make a holiday trip with your loved ones and do some fun with them. It gives you some lovely moments that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Children also got presents from the secret Santa that bring a smile on their faces and also fills their soul with joy and happiness. There are different customs and rituals associated with this festival that is very from one country to another due to a large difference between the lifestyles and culture of them. The western world relates this festival with Santa Claus, sending Christmas gifts online to dear ones, the family gets together, and parties, whereas many countries do the Lord Jesus preaching. But the one thing remains the same, the houses and the Christmas tree is decorated with festoons and prayers are conducted in churches this Christmas eve. If you want to know about Christmas celebrations around the world, then this article may help you because here we listed some country’s celebrations around the globe. You can also send Christmas gifts online to the doorstep of your dear ones house and make them feel at the top of the world. 

Some of the countries that celebrate Christmas around the globe are listed below: 


People in Australia would sing Christmas carols and go to the churches to do their prayers during this festive season. This festival comes in summer vacations, so children enjoy it a lot. People decorate their homes and garden with Christmas trees and lights, which is an old age custom. You can also see a little competition between the neighbors, who make the best Christmas lightening. The traditions Christmas dinner is prepared on this Eve consists of ham and pork, and after the meal, a delicious plum cake is also served. You can also send Christmas flowers to your loved one’s house using the online delivery services of various gift portals.


Ukrainian has a different story to celebrate this festival. They used the fake spider to decorate their Christmas trees and more focused on the holy supper and the religious services of the Church. Embroidered tablecloths with a little hay are spread at the dinner table that symbolizes the manger of Bethlehem, where Christ was born. They start their dinner after the appearance of the first star in the sky. Khristos Rodyvsya is the traditional Christmas greeting is recited by the head of the family, and other members answer him by saying, Slavite Yoho! They also send X-mas gifts to their dear ones house and make them feel that they are essential in your life. 


In India, Christmas is also celebrated with great zeal and gaiety. They also decorate their homes and trees with the lights. Many programs are organized in the churches on this Eve. People also sing Christmas carols and Jingle bells songs, and they also exchange gifts with their loved ones as a token of love and regard. Famous traditional delicious dessert Christmas plum cake is also baked on this Eve that adds a wow factor in the celebration. Delight your dear ones with Xmas Gifts on this day and make their Eve memorable. 


Austrian also wait for this joyous festival eagerly because they got religious holidays and also an opportunity to spend some colorful time with their family and friends. Every town in Austria displays a large Christmas tree in the town square and decorate it with gold and silver ornaments and straw made stars. The celebration starts at about 4 PM, and people sing carols around the tree. Children believe that Christkind decorated their tree, and they bring gifts for them. The Christkind is a golden-haired baby having flying wings and symbolizes the newborn Christ.
Above listed countries have different customs to celebrate their Christmas. You can take ideas from them and make your Christmas more unique and attractive from them.

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