Know about safe methods of diapering your baby

Before bringing your baby from the hospital, you must decide whether to use a cloth or disposable diapers. Every little baby will need the diaper for about 10 per day. Whenever the diaper is wet after urinating or mudded by pooping the diaper must be changed.

So before changing the diaper of your baby, you will need the following things.
        1.     A clean diaper
        2.     Diaper ointment if the baby is having a rash
        3.     Some warm water
        4.     Some clean wipes or washcloth or cotton

Process of diapering the baby

For changing the diaper first, you lay the baby on its back and at first remove the dirty diaper. Then use the warm water and cotton or washcloth to wipe the genital area. Make the area clean and dry so it does not cause any type of rashes. While wiping a girl always remember to wipe from front to back. This is done to avoid urinary tract infection. Then apply diaper ointment for preventing or healing of the diaper rash. You must then take a fresh diaper and then place it under baby. bring the front part on your baby’s stomach and fasten the straps.

After the changing of the diaper, you must wash your hands thoroughly.
Now you must be thinking that what is a diaper rash. It is a normal rash which seems like red and bumpy. It stays maximum for 2 days and then goes away by its own. But you must be careful about preventing the diaper rash. Here are some steps that must be followed to reduce infection.
  1.      Check the diaper very often and change it whenever needed.
  2.      Clean the area of the diaper during every change.
  3.      Try to avoid using the scented wipes while cleaning the diaper area.
  4.      Always pat to make dry and remember not to scrub the bottom of the baby.
  5.      Do not use plastic pants as it can cause rashes to the baby.

The idea if using a diaper is to absorb the flushed-out fluids from the body. So that it does not stain the clothes of the baby. But be careful while diapering your baby. if your baby is a newborn child then avoid covering the area of the umbilical cord and then fasten the straps of the diaper. The reason behind is if your cove the area of umbilical cord then it will create difficulty in the drying of the remaining cord and may lead to infection.
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