Is It Safe To Scan Important Documents Using Scanning Apps?

Scanning documents is one of the most important and frequent tasks we need to do almost on a daily basis. Whether you run your own business or you are an employee of a multinational company you will need to scan various papers regularly. A brilliant document scanner app can generate quick and clear scans in no time.


But generally, we scan important and confidential documents, Is it safe to use an app for that? Well, this article will help you discover why you should choose an app that is safe and reliable for your scanning solutions.


Are Scanner Apps Safe For Document Scanning?


Yes. Scanning appsare absolutely safe to scan various types of documents.A few documents are secretive and we want to scan it safe. Banking papers, Official documents, personal bills or files, confidential medical reports or history, etc are such papers that need to be scanned safely.


Before you choose any document scanning app check out these points to scan safely.


1.Any app that can ensure ‘Data security’ should be your first pick. Almost all the scanning apps are safe, however, an app that guarantees data security is the right one to use.

2. In such apps, developers will not view your documents. And all your papers can be scanned safely.

3. The scanning app should not only provide safe scans but also it should allow you to save and share the scanned results safely.

4. The app must offer secure end-to-end encryption to scan your confidential papers.


Why Is FlashScan The Best Document Scanning App?

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned safety points You must choose the app that gives the best scans safely. Although FlashScan do not guarantee end-to-end encryption, it generates safe scans as developers never view any confidential information of the papers.


FlashScan digitizes clear and sharp documents with 100% accuracy. With FlashScan all your papers and documents are well managed and you can search for them at any time.


You can scan different types of documents, Identity cards, and formal papers.Office/Business invoices, important contracts, various bills, and vouchers are also scan-able. Users can scan every type of receipts, letters, and even books! Useful articles, important certificates, and business cards are also easy to scan.

What Are The Primary Functions Of FlashScan app?

How can this app simplify your scanning solutions? Know FlashScan’s features in brief to find the answers.

     A complete document scanning app for Android:

FlashScan is the fastest document scanner app. It generates clear, sharp and accurate scans in no time.

     The Built-in OCR Tool:

After scanning your necessary documents, FlashScan can even recognize the text in any image. The OCR also translates such text from English to many other languages. You can save it as plain text or share it also.

     QR/Barcode Scan

FlashScan decodes all types of codes accurately. It gives 100% correct scans of such codes. Users can save the codes and even compare them online. You can share it with your friends through text, messages, and social media apps.

     Unique Post-scan Filters

Improve your scanning results with top-notch post-scan filters of FlashScan. With Grey Mode give your documents a timeless look. Use Magic color to add vigorous color impressions. Black and White 1 will make your documents clear and sharp.Use black and white 2 filter to eliminate the noisy background.


Checkout The Value-added Features Of The FlashScan

When you decide to use any scannable app for Android, you must check the additional features the app can offer you. Here are the extra benefits you can get while using FlashScan.



     Often famous scanning apps miss on scanning the edge of the document. FlashScan clearly identifies all the edges of your document and scans it accurately.

     Users can click the photo of the document with their Android device camera to scan any documents. And if not satisfied they can use the smart crop of FlashScan. You can rotate images clockwise and anti-clockwise to scan it.

     Users can anytime save, delete, share, and rename any files and documents.

     Avoid creating a digital mess in your device and keep your documents well-organized with Sort By feature. You can sort out various documents with name and modification time.

     Instantly convert your scans in an accurate PDF format. PDF formats are globally accepted and compress the file in a short size. It also saves the data of the file and keeps the data well-maintained.

     Although FlashScan is a newly launched app, it stands out from all the contemporary scanning apps with its fast and accurate performance.


Download FlashScan app to enjoy safe ,clean and sharp scans. Increase your productivity with this go-to scanning app.


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