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Introduction to The Planets of The World of Astrology

Planets in the astrology world have a profound effect on human lives. Astronomy describes nine planets, while Vedic Astrology mentions seven important planets. Each planet has its significance in affecting human life.

The Solar System contains planets, objects, and the Asteroid Belt, located between Planet Mars and the Planet Jupiter. As per the Famous Astrologer in Hyderabad, these planets and objects impact “The planet Earth” positively or negatively.

How do the planets work in Astrology, and how do they affect the people’s lives on Earth?

There is an astrological system called the “Geocentric system in Astrology.” It states that all the important planets are centered around Earth. Let’s look at the way these planets exert an impact on our lives in astrology:

1: Sun

The world “Sun” is also known for being the “King” of the Celestial Cabinet. It is among the hottest planets that signify the State or authority in society and symbolize our “Soul” as well as our “Father.” It is the energy source for all planets, and it can illuminate the entire world with its light. Moreover, it is the ruler of the “Leo” sign and is elevated in “Aries.”

2: Moon

It is believed to be a significant planet as it is the “Mind” of an individual that is often referred to as “Queen” of the Celestial Cabinet. It signifies the private sector and “Private government” and symbolizes what we call our “Mother” in the astrological world. If the Moon is in direct opposition with the Sun in a person’s Birth Chart, Moon is rule by the “Cancer” sign and then gets elevate in “Taurus.”

3: Mercury

This planet reflects the character that is “Prince.” Mercury is one of the planets that symbolizes the logic or the ability to calculate an individual. It is concern with Mathematics and provides information about “Astrology.” According to the Best Astrologer in Hyderabad, it is consider a “Messenger for God” and is concern with our ability to communicate. It is the ruler of “Gemini” as well as “Virgo” Signs of Astrology and is elevate in the “Virgo” sign.

4: Venus

It is the planet sought by everyone and serves as a “Princess” within the Celestial Cabinet. Venus is a symbol of Love, Romance, beauty, and all kinds of relationships in your life. It is the symbol of the value in money or the financial status. It governs over “Taurus” and “Libra” and is elevate by the “Pisces” symbol that is part of the Zodiac.

5: Mars

It’s a Commander in Chief or Soldier of the Celestial Cabinet. It displays our fighting capabilities and the ability to fight. The Best Astrologer in Hyderabad remarks that it’s always in “Hurry” with a ready take on any challenge. It demonstrates the “quick response” and the “activeness” of an individual. Plus, it is a planet of co-born children, officers, police surgeons, etc. It is the ruler of “Aries” as well as “Scorpio” and then is elevate during “Capricorn.”

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6: Jupiter

It is also the “King’s Minister” within the Celestial Cabinet. Basically It is the symbol of the Wisdom of the person. It also represents “Gurus,” known as “Teachers,” who run through our lives. It also represents “the “Husband” in the woman’s chart. So, It is the ruler of “Sagittarius” along with “Pisces” and is elevate in the “Cancer” Zodiac sign of Astrology.

7: Saturn

This is the “servant” in The Celestial Cabinet. It is the representative of the public or the masses. This is the world that is famous for its judgment. It determines your worth based on your Karma which you’ve done in your birth, and awards you marks. It’s exalt during “Libra” and weakens by “Aries.” It is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius indications in the Zodiac Belt.

8: Rahu

Although it’s not an actual planet, it is mostly a North node on Moon. It is also call “Chhaya Grah” in Vedic Astrology. It has only one Head that is a Demon. Rahu is always interest in what is known as “Worldly fame. It is assume that it gets exalt in “Taurus/Gemini” and debilitate in “Scorpio/Sagittarius”. There is no particular symbol for Rahu since it acts as the planet or sign in which it is situate.

9: Ketu

It’s not even the name of a Planet and is also call the South Node of the planet Moon. It is the tail of a Demon. It’s a spiritual planet that is devote to the attainment of enlightenment. It’s all about the separation from the material world.

It represents our past lives Karmas, Sanchit Karma, and so on. The belief is that Ketu behaves in the same way as Planet “Mars .”It gets exalt in “Scorpio/Sagittarius” and debilitate in “Taurus/Gemini.”

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this blog helped you understand the planets of Astrology and their importance in determining the outcome of any endeavor. Like others, even a Best Astrologer in Hyderabad has to study and analyze all of these planets in the horoscope to give an accurate forecast.

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