Important Things to Look For in a Professional Interior Designer

Choosing an interior designer for your home is a personal experience and you need open-heart conversations to finally decide the perfect interior design partner. There are architectural firm that take-up the role of interior designing too. A professional interior designer has the vision to make the living space look creative, fun and full of positive vibes. Since you need to live in your home for a long duration, there are few things to consider before hiring an interior designer and architects in Chandigarh

Certification: Everyone comes with a tag saying that they are interior designers in the present day. It is important to ask your interior designer for certification to know if they are professional or not. Having certification means they are passionate about interior design and take their job seriously. There are some interior designers without a professional degree and you might want yours to be smart and educated. 

Portfolio: Well, it is a standard in any industry to ask for previous works. Having a look at the portfolio of an interior designer will tell you a lot about their working style, skills, trends in interior design, and experience. A professional portfolio has before and after pictures of the client’s home. It is useful to envision how space can be altered by adding vibrant interiors. Make sure that the portfolio showcases diverse work instead of the same old boring stuff. 

Personality: While talking to a professional interior designer you can learn a great deal about their personality and check if they care for attention to details. There are a lot of interior design blogs and videos around the internet to design home DIY. But, it takes a professional interior designer to make space look good as they put a lot of effort into altering the space to suit your needs. Look out for their personality if they care about your project and note down the details you explain. 

Communication: You should be able to communicate with the interior designer openly and tell them what you need and how you expect the space to look, especially when building a home in Panchkula. The designer should not look too intimidating for you to share your ideas. Ask the right questions regarding materials, budget, and time frame to prepare your home and family members for the project. 

Commitment: Hire a professional that has a schedule to follow. They are known to be punctual, organized and manage their time well. Coordinate your work schedule with that of your designer to see some of the work first-hand. A professional interior designer understands that designing a home to suit your personality is the ultimate result. Ask them if they can finish the project in the given period and negotiate their commitments. 

Decorating style: The transformation that comes from interior designing is extremely rewarding. Interior design holds the power to motivate your creativity and drive your passion. Tell your interior designer to incorporate elements that offer peace, beauty, and inspiration. Popular decorating styles may not always work and personalized work is the key to making space a reflection of your character. 

Budget: There is always an ambiguity when it comes to deciding on the budget and competitive market pricing for interior designers. Ask the interior designer to quote their price for the given interior design project. Name your budget later and negotiate on things you want to add or remove. Talk openly about design prices, fee and material costs without feeling awkward. Check if the designer is flexible enough to work on said conditions. 

Perception of your space: As a Professional interior designer they should have a good sense of style. Some designs look good for the living room while some for the kitchen. A good interior designer should be able to balance natural elements with artificial elements peacefully. They follow the theory of color and light and work with their intuition. 
Suppliers: Most of the interior designers work closely with material suppliers. Ask your designer if they have a personal supplier and if they are capable of handling all the material purchases on their own. 

Recommendations: Follow up on the recommendations of the architectural firms in Chandigarh given by previous clients and check the work with permission to get an idea about work ethics and design style. Ultimately, you need an interior designer that can bring your vision to life through their immaculate work. 
Author’s Bio HWI: I work with Home Works India as a professional Interior designer in Panchkula and Chandigarh, India, and I have been helping people achieve their dreams with beautiful spaces, designed to match their lifestyles. Together with interior decorators and other experts, I’ve delivered 100+ interior design and decoration projects across the region, each of them being one of its kind.

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