How To Get A Car Title Loans With A Bad Credit Score


We all know that handling uncertain expenses can affect our financial conditions. We all manage our daily expenses, but if someone gets ill in the family or you face loss in the business, it gets a bit difficult to manage the monthly budget. The first thing that comes to mind is to take a loan from family or friends. You can also get the best deals on car title loans through Quick Cash Canada. 

The need for instant money can happen at any time. Quick Cash Canada doesn’t consider your credit score to determine whether you will qualify for an auto vehicle loan or not. In the case of a car equity loan, they give you a loan against your car without having to let go of the car. They will give you the loan based on the condition of your car. Different companies have the same points, but the main difference is between the loan amount and the interest amount. 

Get  A Loan with a Bad Credit Score 

Most people are worried that their bad credit score is a hurdle in their way of getting a loan. If you are also worried about it, then you can feel relaxed because you can get an auto collateral loan without providing details about your credit history. Your job details don’t matter when you are applying for a loan with them. You must take benefit of the fact that your car is an asset and use it as collateral to secure the loan they need. It is the loan against your vehicle and you can get on the same day if you qualify all their conditions. 

    The attractions of the auto equity loan


    No credit checks

    No credit history required

    No employment details needed

    No proof of income needed

    Keep your car

    Same day cash disbursal

    Easy paperwork 

    Easy process 

The process of the auto vehicle loan is easy because there is minimal paperwork. You only need to enter the basic information on the online form. They will give you cash on the same day and the repayment process is easy. You can now go to the website and enter the information on the form. They ask for the make and model of the vehicle. After this, they call you if you are eligible for the car loan. 


  1. The term duration of the loan is as long as 4 years. This helps you repay the borrowed amount without any financial stress.
  2. There are no early payment charges on repaying the loan before the maturity date.
  3. The monthly payments are affordable and do not disturb your budget.
  4. They don’t ask for proof of income to approve your loan.
  5. We assure instant release of funds after the approval. 

    Minimum Documentation

 They set up an appointment if you qualify for the loan. You can also visit the office near your location. After you visit their office, they inspect your car. The loan agent also tells the amount of the loan according to your vehicle’s present value. You have to submit the documents only if you are eligible for a loan just after verification. The main documents  they require are the following:


    2010 or newer vehicle 

    Valid driver license of your country. 

    Vehicle registration 

 Vehicle insurance papers in your name that includes (collision and comprehensive). 

    Proof of Address (a piece of mail) 

    You must be of legal age in your respected province. 

    Application form on the website 

    The second set of keys to your vehicle 

This loan is given to people with bad credit without any hesitation because it is secured by the title papers of your vehicle. Since the loan is backed by your car title, you get quick loan approval. You even get funding on the same day of the loan approval. 

    E-transfers for funds also available

The cash option is also there but you can also get funds through e-transfer and bank transfer. 

     Disbursal of funds in no time

In case you want to return your loan money, there is no prepayment penalty for the same. 

     Payment Deferment 

In case you are not able to pay for the initial installments of the loan, you can opt for the payment deferment. Due to the pandemic, they are offering payment deferment of the installments of the loan. You can take the loan at any time.

You can get a car title loan at any time without worrying about your bad credit history. After getting the loan you can use your funds and also keep driving your car. Anyone can take the car equity loan, so your life can be on track and you can feel relaxed. Enjoy every moment of your life. 

If you are looking to get your loan approval and disbursal, You can reach out to Quick Cash Canada through their toll -free 1-188-517-1625 or even apply online.

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