How to future proof your career?

With the increased automation of routine tasks, the introduction of robotics and Artificial Intelligence in the business world, the professional landscape is about to be changed forever. Then there’s a plethora of new skills, technologies, and certifications. There are new graduates and certified professionals knocking on the door. If you are not keeping up with all these changes, your job is in danger.

If you feel insecure about your job, you need to future proof your career. There are some steps that you must take today to maintain yourself a useful asset for the recruiters within the IT sector.
Here are a few tips to help you future proof your career.

1.         Identify and Polish Your Current Skill Set:
The business world today is more automated than ever before. In order to thrive in such a competitive environment, you need the skill-set of a higher caliber. This means you should be able to solve complex tech-problems that even AI can’t answer. Moreover, you need to have greater decision making power and the ability to keep the system smoothly operating. You can learn these skills in your current job role. Once you get adept in problem-solving, project management and decision making, you will get a competitive advantage over others in the future.

2.         Hone your soft skills:
Jobs that involve emotional intelligence are resistant to technological advancements. Such roles include teaching, nursing and creative writing. You need to hone your marketable soft skills today to reap benefits in the future. Be prepared to sell your skills to the respective employers. Such skills cannot be replaced by machines and artificial intelligence.

3.         Invest time in acquainting yourself with the new technology:
Investing in self-education doesn’t necessarily mean to spend money. You can invest your free time in learning new IT skills. This field requires you to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and patterns in the market. You can add to your skills by taking short courses in your free time. There are various free sources available online through which you can learn new skills and polish the existing ones. You can introduce yourself with the new technology and learn how to make the most out of it. Learn how to operate, program and run the technological updates and stay at the top of your game.
You can make use of free tutorials or courses available online but it is better to spend this time with a proper institute or instructor.

4.         Get marketable IT certifications:
IT certifications can help you to add valuable credentials to your portfolio. Most of these new certifications programs are easy to fit into your daily routine. You can go for a totally new skill or simply find a new, more advanced certification in your own domain like networking, database, or coding.

5.         Embrace innovation:
In order to stay ahead of your competitors, it is important for you to incorporate new technology in your life. You need to keep yourself acquainted with the latest technological updates and ever-changing trends. Keep pace with technological advancements by downloading new applications, attending workshops or signing-up the newsletters of well-known IT blogs. Having the knowledge of emerging technology, you can stand out as an informed candidate who is prepared for all that future holds.

6.         Do what you are passionate about:
Pursue the areas of technology you are most passionate about. Doing what interests you the most will make easier for you to get keen into learning more about it. You will try to master those areas with the help of self-education. You will invest time and effort in polishing your existing skills to meet the high market standards. Let your passion guide you to success. Let your strengths take the lead and take you to new heights in your career.
Big companies often look for people who are passionate about what they do. They want their employees to be enthusiastic about their job and curious to learn more. Your love for what you do increases your chances of being hired.

With the introduction of AI, the competition within the field of information technology is getting stronger with every passing day. You need to keep updating your skill-set to future proof your career. Learning problem solving, decision making and project management skills can help you stay strong in the game and increase your earning power.

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