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How to Fix Outlook Not Working in Windows 10?

Outlook not opening in Windows 10, is the most annoying error I have on my system. I have tried almost every possible thing that I know of to get rid of it. But all my efforts have been useless. How do I fix Outlook not loading in Windows 10? Here are the three things that you can do. In this post, We will discuss the reasons for Outlook not working in Windows 10 and how to fix this issue.

Reasons for Outlook Not Working in Windows 10

Faulty Outlook Add-ins, corrupt Outlook profiles, outdated Office programs, outdated Windows, navigation pane issues, corrupt system files, wrong account settings, and so on are all possible causes for Outlook not opening in Windows 10.

Outlook errors are common in Windows 10. The reason is many. It may be due to corrupt DLL files or it could also be due to unwanted updates from Outlook. However, the commonest reason why Outlook does not open in Windows 10 is because of some fatal Windows errors. Here are a few reasons why Outlook not opening in Windows 10:

Some programs that you have installed on your PC might have some hidden DLL errors. Some people use to delete all the programs and then reinstall them. If you have an old version of the programs installed on your PC, then the uninstallation will cause some DLL errors. The only way to resolve these DLL problems is by reinstalling those programs and updating them to a newer version.

Another major reason behind Outlook not opening in Windows is due to some missing drivers. Sometimes, some important programs require specific device drivers and Windows cannot detect them properly. If you want to fix the problem, then use device driver updater software such as Device Manager to update the drivers of your PC. that can protect you from Outlook errors, spyware, and other viruses. And when you find it, make sure that the anti-virus updates its database frequently. It will prevent Outlook not opening in Windows.

Fix Outlook Not Working in Windows 10

The first thing that you need to do is to clean up your Windows registry. When your Windows registry starts to get too big and corrupted with invalid and empty values, errors will start to build up. This makes your computer slow down because it has to look for the missing data. When this happens, Outlook starts to slow down as well, making it very hard for you to use the program.

The second way to fix Outlook not working in Windows 10 is to reinstall the Outlook program. If you have just turned your computer on, and it didn’t load Outlook properly, then you will need to boot up your computer and run the program from the boot menu. You should then click “select disk” and locate the Outlook program that you have just installed.

Then choose the “mount” option to put Outlook into the system. When you want to close Outlook, just hit the “close” button. By doing these simple steps, you can fix Outlook not working in Windows 10, in just a few minutes.

The third way is to use a registry cleaner program to clean Outlook errors from your Windows registry. These programs are able to search through the entire registry database and remove any of the damaged or corrupted files that are inside it. Not only will Outlook not load properly, but errors in other programs as well such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can also be fixed by using one of these programs. Not only are they very reliable, but the scan will also speed up your PC, as it will eliminate any error messages that show up while you are running your system.

The fourth and final way to fix Outlook not working in Windows 10 is to scan the registry with a registry cleaner tool. This program will search through the entire registry database for any error messages that may be occurring. It will identify all the errors that are causing problems and then fix them. To do this, you first need to launch the registry cleaner program, then click “run”. A list of the errors in the registry will appear, and the program will fix them in order.

Bottom Line

Although it may seem like a long and complicated way to how to fix Outlook not working in Windows, it really isn’t that difficult. You just need to know what problem is causing the error, and then run a registry cleaner program to fix it. Running a program like this will make sure that Outlook is running correctly again, and won’t cause any more damage to your system. You can also save yourself money by preventing a lot of future errors from occurring.

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