How to choose and wear Bootcut jeans the right way

If you are looking for a pair of jeans that offer comfort and style then Bootcut is the perfect choice. You can pair them with a formal blouse or blazer to attend an official meeting. Or you can choose to wear them with ethnic tops or shirts to compliment your Boho style.
Some of them are so soft and stretchable that you wear them in a Yoga session. These pants make your legs look trimmer and longer. They make you appear taller than you are.
In this article, we will discuss different ways to style a pair of Bootcut jeans.
Wear it just like skinny jeans:
You don’t have to worry about hard and fast rules while wearing your skinny jeans. Similarly, you can style Bootcut jeans with almost all types of tops and blouses. You can choose a loose top to pair up with a pair of tight Bootcut jeans. Or you can go for a figure-hugging crop top or jumper with a loose pair of Bootcut pants. Choose the style that complements your body shape and makes you achieve your desired look. Tops with floral patterns when paired with Bootcut jeans add a bohemian touch to the outfit.
Wear high heels:
Bootcut jeans look great with high heels. These jeans are flared at the bottom, but not as much as the flared jeans. Full-length Bootcut jeans styled with high heels look classic. These bottoms make only the front part of the shoes visible which adds an overall chic touch to your attire. If your Bootcut jeans are not full length don’t pair them with high heels. Go for pumps and flats. They look better with hemmed Bootcut jeans.
Show some toe:
If you desire a rather polished and anchored look, then show some toe. You can pair Bootcut jeans with both closed and open-toe shoes. Revealing your shoe toe a bit adds a new dimension to your outfit. This trick makes your legs look longer than they are. You can choose vibrant and neon-colored footwear to pair up with Bootcut jeans.  You must be wondering what you should wear below Bootcut jeans. Just like skinny jeans, Bootcut pants can be styled with a variety of footwear. You can opt for pointy-toe pumps, heels, and boots. You can wear wedges below your Bootcut jeans. You can pair these pants up with wedges to achieve bohemian attire.
Go Boho:
The majority of the bohemian outfits cannot be completed without Bootcut pants. You can turn your simple outfit into a bohemian by pairing a patterned top with Bootcut jeans. You can spice up your outfit with bohemian headbands, retro sunglasses, and cutout bags.  Put on a pair of wedges to complete that hippie vibe. Mix up your style to add a refreshing deviation to your appearance.
Pair it up with a solid blouse:
If you want a simple but attractive outfit, then you should pair your Bootcut jeans with a solid top. You can choose vibrant colors for a day out with friends. Go for the darker hues if you want to steal the spotlight at some late-night party. Make a statement by pairing up single-colored blouses with a pair of Bootcut jeans.
Throw on a blazer:
Keep it casual but Professional by pairing up your Bootcut jeans with a blazer. Wear a solid t-shirt underneath and keep it simple. You can wear this outfit to meetings, a casual day at work or when you have to meet a client. This way you can dress casual but look professional.
Bootcut jeans have made their comeback with a bang. The best way to capture that bohemian vibe is to wear your tops with a pair of Bootcut jeans. They can be worn with a variety of footwear. Make Bootcut jeans one of your wardrobe staples and keep slaying throughout the year.
Truth is, bootcut jeans can work at any time or place when you are wearing them with the right top and shoes. It’s a must-have to add in your wardrobe because of the flexibility and convenience it offers. All those ripped, skinny, or butt lifting jeans are good but everybody wants to wear something more flexible and comfortable and boot cut jeans will do exactly that.

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