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How to Boost App Downloads Right After Its Launch?

Mobile app development has become one of the essential needs for every business to retain in this competitive world. To compete in the market, a company must ensure that its developed apps should serve the demands and requirements of the customers.

Although there is no exact idea of how many total applications are out there, roughly, the figures will hit the 5 million mark. In that case, if your app does not fulfill your customers’ needs, it might get lost somewhere in the gigantic pile of applications. This is why businesses hire a mobile app development company, not only to develop it but suggest the best ways to market it for better reach. 

This article will tell you the best practices to speed up the app downloading process right after its release. So, let’s begin this informational piece.

How to Boost-up Apps Downloads?

You might have heard about the term ‘virality’. Well, it is not always about how good you market your app to make it popular. Sometimes, all it needs is how people indulge in the application’s content and are willing to share it with others. That’s why most businesses focus on designing apps based on standard principles to accelerate the app download rate.

Here are some of the best hacks to get more apps downloads:

Titles can be influential!

It might sound interesting, but your app title can do the most to rank it in the app store while searching. As per a study, around 63% of the downloads come from the random app store search. That’s why it becomes crucial to create an interactive title that gives your users an idea about the app’s features.

Make sure you target your keywords appropriately. An app store focuses on the keywords that the users typically search and display the search results based on that. Moreover, it would be best if you also concentrate on the proper keyword insertion. However, it does not mean you forcefully insert a keyword in your app content as irrelevant and ineligible data can lead to app rejection.

Focus on localization

Every country follows some unique culture or language, and all of them also categorize the app stores based on their geography. Therefore, you should localize your app as per your target region to offer it a competitive edge in the international market.

Localization plays a crucial role in increasing the market for your app. It also unveils new opportunities to attract more potential users. In addition to it, you can also offer region-specific features to build more trust among a particular audience of a specific region.

The game played by app description and interface

When users find an app, they first try to convince themselves that they landed at the right place. But that’s not their responsibility; it’s yours to make them believe that your app can help them with their requirements. The best way to do it is by embedding the target keywords in the meta description with a well-descriptive app overview. Make sure your app description is short and clear. It should consist of the critical features of the app that will lure the users into hitting the install button.

In terms of app visualization, do not forget to add well-descriptive screenshots. They help understand the users how your app interface will appear. A good interface, a well-defined overview and a subtle design will increase your app downloads, for sure!

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App ratings and reviews have an impact too!

You might have purchased something at least once from online stores or e-commerce sites. So, what are the things that you look for while making a purchase? Probably, the price, the features of the product, and whether it will serve your demands or not. However, there is one more thing that catches the eye of a buyer, and that is its reviews and ratings. There are hardly any chances that consumers will buy something with bad reviews from most users or a 1-star rating. Even you will not purchase something having negative thoughts and low ratings, right?

Due to this, maintaining an excellent online image and having positive feedback from users has become a prime focus for businesses. App reviews are crucial as they offer users a sense of surety that they are going with the right one. Positive mobile app reviews and high ratings increase the users’ trust in your app. In fact, having decent remarks will also make them try the services and products you offer.

Use in-app referral programs and reward points system

Apart from robust performance or interactive design, other few things can boost up your app downloads. One such way is using an excellent in-app referral strategy that can quickly boost your app downloads. To make a referral strategy more efficient, make sure you offer rewards to both the referrer and the referee.

For instance, many apps such as Uber, Zomato, etc., run in-app referral programs where both the referrer and the referee get some rewards when the latter places an order (product delivery, booking a ride, etc.)

However, the referral programs work better when your app shows quality and performance. If the app is useless or not up to the mark in the first place, no one will refer it to others.

Final Thoughts

Presently, the mobile app market has reached an ultimate level, and the competition is fiercer than ever. With the advancement in the digital market, almost all businesses have mobile apps to promote them. In these situations, it becomes essential to market your app in the right way with the help of effective strategies. One way is to hire an experienced mobile apps development agency to help you develop a spectacular application. When your mobile app follows the key points suggested above and other efficient methods, the app download rate will level up by itself.


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