How Can ChatBots help the FSM Industry

Field Service Management (FSM) is all about managing an organization’s field operations efficiently. Cloud-based FSM platforms and software are being employed by organizations to manage various field service tasks such as scheduling and dispatching work orders, communicating and coordinating with field service agents, and locating vehicles on duty. These platforms are improvised and newer techniques are added to increase productivity and enhance efficiency. One of the smart artificial intelligence tools being considered by most organizations for efficient field service management is chatbots.
What are Chatbots all About?
Before we explain how chatbots can help the field service management industry, let us understand what chatbots are all about.
Chatbots are artificial intelligence tools that stimulate conversation using textual or auditory techniques. These are integrated with apps and websites to engage potential customers and draw their interest towards your products and services. Chatbots answer frequently asked online queries and encourage the users to speak to the human agents for further queries and requests. Chatbots are being improvised with time and the latest technology Chatbots offer various other functionalities.  
How Can Bots Help the FSM Industry?
Chatbots have brought about a revolution in the market. These can be of great help in the FSM industry. Here is how Chatbots help the FSM industry:
Increased Customer Interaction
While live agents are able to handle only few conversations a day, chatbots can handle several of them at the same time. There is no upper limit to the number of conversations that can be handled via this advanced technology. So, chatbot solutions can increase customer engagement that is helpful in creating greater impact. Chatbots can also serve as the first point of contact for the users and screen calls before redirecting them to human agents.
Improved Search Function
The task of navigating through the client history to look for particular information can be quite time consuming for the field service agents. Chatbots can help access the customer’s information quickly and easily. They can thus speed up the search function.
Booking Service Made Easy
Chatbots enable the users to book a service call easily. They do so by redirecting the users to book a service call after having a brief chat. So, one does not require waiting for long period to connect to the agents. Going through the tedious task of navigating through different options on the app can also be done away with.
Cost Cutting
Employing chatbots to handle various queries and establish a connection with the customers is also a good way to reduce the cost of business. You can lower the strength of your customer support agents when you have chatbots in place. 
24*7 Support
Chatbots provide 24*7 support without any hassle. You just need to integrate it with your Field Service Management platform and the rest shall be taken care of. No need to hire more manpower for night shifts or maintain an office space to provide support service 24*7.
Real Time Alerts and Notifications
Chatbots are a boon for the field sales agents who usually have access to limited tools while they are out in the field working on their sales lead. Chatbots provide them access to important real time data that helps them prepare smart plan of action and crack sales. Chatbots provide timely updates, real time alerts and push notifications to the sales agents.
Automate Follow-up Processes
Advanced chatbots automate the follow up processes thereby sharing the load of the employees. Chatbots can be used to follow up sales leads by way of different mediums including emails, text messages or voice calls. You can select the medium and schedule automatic follow up via the same. 
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Greater efficiency and timely completion of field service tasks is a sure way to serve the customers better and increase customer satisfaction.
Enhance Business
The ultimate aim of incorporating any new tool or technique is to manage the process efficiently and enhance business. With so many benefits chatbots, certainly work in your favour and can take your business to newer heights.

Chatbots have benefited several industries and their implementation in the FSM industry is turning out to be as helpful. This smart AI tool has brought several positive changes in the industry. They are as beneficial for the employees as they are for the customers.

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