Have a party blast with these outdoor stereo systems, or sleep in a room full of people with the ASMR headphones


The best outdoor stereo system holds the ability to completely transform your mood in any situation. An outdoor stereo system is important in terms of having a great party or as an outfit for your backyard /patio. Here you have a comprehensive guide that covers all sorts of questions that you might have when it comes to buying the best system. For further details, read more.

What are the different stereo systems available?

There are different types of speakers available for you to select from. They are as started below:

        Landscape features: they come in a variety of models. One of them is a satellite outdoor landscape speaker. They are attached to a pivoting ground stake so that they can be planted in the ground for better aim at wherever the sound is needed. Planting those results in their disappearance into the environment and a spectacular uniform sound field. Their location is of utmost importance because we don’t want landscapers to continuously hit them and ruin them. Always look for the speaker that has a durable and sturdy stake or else it will break into half after a few seasons of use. The longer the stake is, the better will be its chances of staying in the group. Then we have rock outdoor landscape speaker that are durable and give you a wide range of frequencies because they have large driver. They come in all sorts of designs, including sandstone, slate and granite. Some aim straight as they are fused into a rock, whereas others are slightly pitched. Usually the speakers with a straight aim work better and have more frequencies.

        A mushroom outdoor landscape speaker has been designed to give a 360 degree sound field but it usually faces downwards. They are aesthetically pleasing and maximize the overall effect of the sound. Then we have the Ballard outdoor landscape speaker that have a sleek design and look very aesthetically pleasing. They sit higher off the ground and usually have the ability to have several large drivers. They are usually expensive but totally worth the money.

        Traditional outdoor speakers: these speakers are covered with a weather proof casing, rust proof grill and a bracket with corrosion free connections. They give off powerful sounds and are similar to the workings of an indoor speaker. They usually come with a mid-driver and tweeter and can produce a large range of frequencies that cater more to lower bass notes.

        Architectural: they are relatively a newer category to the outdoor speakers and are very visually appealing. It includes all sorts of arts on a speaker giving it a very particular sort of uniqueness. These have been increasing in demand because of the variety of deigns available in them

        Line array outdoor speakers: they are perfect for outdoor concerts especially because they’re made up of multiple speakers that are mounted on a vertical line on a slight curve. The sound travels to a distance of 300 feet and give the listeners in the background the same experience as the ones closer to the speaker.

        Outdoor subwoofers: they add a very different, yet a needed dimension to the outdoor stereo system. They provide lower frequencies and capture the sound with precision. They come in a variety of different sizes and shapes which can be put either in sight or strategically placed away from sight.

How to choose the best outdoor stereo system:

You need to set a budget limit for your speaker because buying the most expensive one is not always a good idea. Then you need to choose the type of speaker you want, from the list given above. Choose them in accordance to your needs, e.g. if you have a large patio area or a smaller one. Finally you need to look at the quality. What might be a good sounding experience to someone else, might not be fit for you. Hence choose wisely.

Now we come towards the best ASMR headphones. In case you don’t know, ASMR is autonomous sensory meridian response. This I usually used for a relaxed sleep and to release stress. A good pair of ASMR headphones improves the tingles that provide relief by ten folds as these headphones will cancel noise as well. The audible triggers will for sure get you to experience the binaural sounds in the best way possible.

What to look for in an ASMR headphone?

There are a variety of factors that need to be taken into consideration before buying the best suited ASMR headphone. The foremost is comfort. It should not hurt your years or make you uncomfortable in any way. The tingling should be relaxed rather than a burden. Wireless headphones are the way to go because the wires prove to be a problem, especially when you sleep with them. Another important factor is the durability so that these headphones last for a very long time. Finally, look for the ones that are inside the budget range. Buying expensive over budget headphones is never a good idea. Make sure you read all the comments and reviews before buying.

What is the difference between active and passive noise cancellation when it comes to ASMR headphones?

Passive noise cancellation headphones are made up of material that restricts noise as best as it can. This is usually left on chance and the ability of the material to cancel noise. One can never be too sure when it comes to this, whereas active noise cancellation in ASMR headphones is done through adding another layer that has been specialized in reducing noise. Active noise cancellation works best because it will be able to restrict and stop noise even in busy areas e.g. the airport or in offices.

In conclusion, we have given you a list of the outdoor stereo system to choose from and the features of ASMR headphones. This information should be enough to convince you into buying these products. 


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