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Google Pixel 6 review: finally, a premium smartphone from Google

With the Pixel 6, Google has adopted a marginally unique strategy to its past scope of cell phones – rather than the ‘adorable’ and ‘idiosyncratic’ plans of past Pixel leaders. The Google Pixel 6 is premium completely, with costly materials and a cleaning plan.

This could be viewed as the main telephone from Google that can genuinely go facing any semblance of Samsung, Apple, and Huawei at the extremely top finish of the premium cell phone range, where handsets cost a significant piece of cash and look just as costly and as loaded with power as they are.

With the Pixel 6, Google has adopted a marginally unique strategy to its past scope of cell phones – rather than the ‘adorable’ and ‘idiosyncratic’ plans of past Pixel leaders. The Google Pixel 6 is premium completely, with costly materials and a cleaning plan.

Apple and Huawei are at the extremely top finish of the premium cell phone range. Where handsets cost a significant piece of cash and look just as costly and as loaded with power as they are. For more details, you can check out our full review of the Google Pixel 6.


The Pixel 6 will be delivered on the 28th of October 2021 and can be yours for £599 in the UK and $699 in the US. You can get it straightforwardly and SIM-liberated from the Google Store, just as from outsider retailers. In the UK, it’s additionally accessible on an assortment of pay month-to-month contract subtleties from any semblance of O2, Vodafone, EE, and Three.

That is a very decent cost, considering the strongly less exceptional Google Pixel 5 was a similar cost at dispatch. You’re getting much more for your cash here.

It’s additionally fundamentally less expensive than the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Which begins at $899 in the US, £849 in the UK, and AU$1,299 in Australia.


The Pixel 6 comes donning a 6.4-inch screen, which is a lot bigger than the showcases of past Pixel telephones. Which were very smaller in correlation.

The AMOLED, HDR10+ screen runs at an invigorating pace of 90Hz and a goal of 1080 x 2400 pixels. It’s liquid, sharp, brilliant, and hard to see a problem with. A solitary poke hole score for the selfie camera sits up in the upper left-hand corner. While the bezels are quite slender right around the screen.

Concerning the remainder of the plan, the aluminum metal assortment of past Pixel telephones has gone – presently we get a significantly more customary metal casing with a glass-back plan. Google keeps things marginally fun-loving with a two-tone colorway, accessible in one or the other dark/dim, pink/coral, or mint/green. I like these shading choices as they separate the Pixel from other all the more generally-hued cell phones.

Maybe the most hostile piece of the new plan is the huge camera knock on the back. Which sits a decent 3mm glad for the case. It likewise makes the telephone awkward and uneven.

In any case, it extends the whole width of the telephone case. So it doesn’t shake when put on a level surface. It’s unquestionably not a significant issue, but rather it is an odd plan decision. For more details, you can check out our full review of the Google Pixel 6.

The telephone is authoritatively IP68-evaluated, which implies it’s ready to endure being lowered in water at a profundity of 1.5 meters (almost 5 feet) for as long as 30 minutes. Which provides you with some additional inward feeling of harmony.


Since the time of the main Pixel, these telephones have sparkled as far as photograph taking – not in the crude specs, but rather like the picture handling that Google can apply through its product. That proceeds with the Pixel 6 and this year, it highlights Google Tensor. Another exceptionally assembled chip that assists speed with increasing picture handling.

The 50MP+12MP camera arrangement inactivity here is an enormous jump forward from the design we found in the Pixel 5, particularly as far as megapixels.

The fundamental camera is a 50MP sensor with an f/1.9 opening. It highlights omnidirectional stage identification self-adjust, laser self-adjust, and optical picture stabilization. The ultrawide camera includes a 12MP sensor, f/2.2 opening, and 114-degree field of view.

Photographs are again magnificent, with sharpness, shading generation, detail, and dynamic reach all dazzling. Cameras on different telephones have more focal points and more deceives. And Google’s rivals are certainly making up for a lost time. Yet Pixel photography stays the high bar for pictures that look incredible and are easy to take.

Similarly, as with past models, the Night Sight mode can do ponders for dull photographs (if you can keep your telephone still briefly). Google asserts that the fundamental picture sensor catches 150-percent more light than the Pixel 5. Carrying striking tone and more prominent precision to photographs. Except if you’re attempting to shoot in the pitch obscurity. However, your low-light shots will come out with a lot of detail and shading, particularly with regards to shutting everything down. It’s exceptionally amazing – even though our main objection would be that it makes a few shots look unnaturally brilliant.

Google has likewise added a couple of new deceives as ‘Movement Mode’ which plans to make regular shots more epic with activity shots and long openings. Beforehand this sort of photography has been hard to do on cell phones, so it’s invigorating to see Google explore here.

Movement mode has two settings; Action Pan, which centers around the moving subject and adds an imaginative haze to the foundation, and Long Exposure. Which adds an innovative haze to the moving subjects in the scene.


The Pixel 6 backings 5G and runs on Google’s new Tensor processor. Which is combined with an abundant 8GB of RAM and either 128GB or 256GB of inward stockpiling (with no memory card extension space).

Google claims Tensor surrenders to 80-percent quicker execution than Pixel 5, so applications load speedier and gaming is more responsive.

The Pixel 6 has accomplished a normal Geekbench 5 score of 2837. Which is acceptable, yet not all that great as other leaders’ telephones.

The Pixel 6 presentation and sound system speakers function admirably for watching shows and motion pictures. And albeit the screen isn’t tremendous. It’s totally fine as a media player. Including a Recorder instrument that can translate spoken messages continuously for you (helpful on the off chance that you wanted to record a meeting, call or talk, for instance).

The Pixel 6 offers quick 30W charging and 21W remote charging – that is quick. You can get up to the 50-percent battery in only 30 min.

We haven’t run any logical battery tests. However, the 4614 mAh battery serenely kept going the entire day, consistently all through our survey period.

However, other than the cameras, spotless programming has consistently been probably the best motivation to purchase a Pixel telephone. And nothing has switched this time up. You’re ensured to get Android refreshes before any other individual for the following few years. And there is nothing in the method of bloatware or pointless applications.

Android 12 is probably the greatest update to Android in years, and perhaps the most unmistakable change is what Android looks like. Google calls this ‘Material UI’ and it sees the framework adjust the shadings to coordinate with the tones in your telephone foundation.


Google has reached skyward with the Pixel 6 and it’s a major improvement over the Pixel 5. You presently get a more exceptional plan, quicker CPU further developed camera and a lot of new programming highlights.

There’s surely a great deal to like with regards to the Pixel 6 and a couple of little things to whine about. The fundamental issue is the huge camera knock on the rear of the telephone. It looks off-kilter as well as it makes for some risky ergonomics too. It’s likewise a disgrace that this gadget has developed and there could be as of now not a smaller size choice from Google.

Yet, they’re simple things to look past. The reasons you would purchase this Pixel telephone keep on being the reasons you would purchase any Pixel telephone: essentially, quick Android refreshes for the following, not many years, a bulge free programming experience with some decent Google-y changes, and a camera that will beat the vast majority of the others available right now.

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