I never used to been a fan of wash and go’s. My hair always seemed unruly and dry to me so I stuck to bantu knot outs and the occasional twist out. This made me feel like I was cheating, after all being natural is about embracing your hair as it grows out of your scalp. It’s been 4 years but I have finally found a routine that lasts me 7 days, has minimum tangles, and looks moisturized. My favorite part is that all these products are cruelty free. Keep reading to find out what I do.

Step 1: Mera Amla Oil Shampoo I begin by shampooing my hair with a clarifying shampoo. I know it isn’t recommended to use sulfate shampoos but it helps with my extremely itchy scalp. I’m currently trying out this product because of my affinity for amla oil.

Step 2: Dr Miracles Curl Care Nourishing Conditioner I saturate my hair with conditioner to give it a good slip. I don’t wash out my conditioner. I’ve used it as a leave-in since I was young and I’ve never had a problem. However if a leave-in is a part of your routine then I do encourage it.

Step 3: Detangling with a wide tooth comb I work my way up from my ends, gently getting out the knots and tangles. This technique combined with a wide tooth comb allows for minimum shedding and you’re not unnecessarily pulling out any hair. I then section my hair off into 4.

Step 4: Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La This product has been a game changer and I believe it is the secret behind a successful wash and go. It moisturizes as well as helps give my hair definition. I apply it generously to each section.

Step 5: Mera Amla Oil I lock in all the moisture I’ve applied so far with my favorite oil. I can’t gush enough about how much I love this oil. This is the first hair care product I can remember using when I was a goober. It helps with my itchy scalp, it makes my hair extremely shiny, strong and definitely aids in hair growth. The difference is very evident when I don’t use this product. I recommend it to everyone.

Step 6: Shingling Method This method is the secret to definition and keeping tangles at bay. I start with the 1st section by taking each separate curl where it naturally starts to separate in between my index finger and thumb and twirl it around my finger. I scrunch the section once I finish with it. I spray each section with water before I start with it to ensure maximum definition the repeat until all sections are finished.

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