Choose the right buyer for used machinery – Deal with genuine importers

Once you decided to put a sale tag on your used machinery one thing is for sure that you are about to receive loads of inquiries from around the world asking hundreds of questions and queries about your used machinery. When you set up your mind to sell your factory equipment and machines you are sure to put up a solid advertisement in order to get the relevant buyer response but that is not enough. In order to connect yourself with the right buyer and get yourself a top deal you are advised to follow below steps.
  1. Capacity/Budget of your Buyer
There is no point bargaining and negotiating with an importer who does not have the right capacity or budget to buy your used machinery at its original value. Such buyers are there to confuse the seller by quoting unrealistic quotation. Therefore it’s very important to get in touch with only those buyers that match the budget to purchase your used machine or equipment. 
Be clear in your ad post and mention the range of price you would be comfortable within to negotiate, for example ABC machine last best offer is 100k or Seller is interested in quotations within the range of 100-180k and offers below 100k will not be responded.
By reading such message or advertisement you will only be contacted by those buyers that are interested in buying your used machinery within the range to define and you won’t receive any irrelevant offers.
2.                   Contact the decision maker
It is widely observed that in many business deals or selling or buying offers, normally bosses assigned sales person or assistant to work on the buying/selling leads and negotiate. There is no point in discussing or bargaining with such leads where the buyer or seller is not the decision maker as in such deal you will face delay in responses, absence of decision making power and authority. The ideal situation is when you contact the buyers who have the decision of buying himself, in such cases deal gets closed early and at better rate.
3.                   The right platform to sell/buy your machine
As a factory owner you don’t want to post your selling add on B2C or retail websites that are dealing in customer end products. You have to go with B2B websites that addressed wholesale import and export buying selling and hence have the wide range of buyers coming from around the world that can be interested in your used machinery and can quote the price you are looking for.
4.                   All but precise information
Whether you are issuing a tender, posting an ad in newspaper or selling your used machinery on any B2B website, there is one thing you need to be sure of. Complete information about the machinery you are selling. A precise but clear message can come handy in connecting you with the right buyer. Incomplete messages always invite irrelevant inquiries. 
These above are few suggestive actions that a smart supplier takes when they want to sell their used machinery and only look to establish contact with the right, qualifies and genuine buyer. Now, you can also make the most of your effort and sell your factory equipment or any kind of used machinery by working on above pointers. 

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