Best school in Jaipur with student-centered approach

As a parent, what type of school do you want for your child? Do you want an environment where holistic development of the children is given importance? Yes? Then it would be best if you enrolled your child in a school where a student-centric approach to learning is practised. 


Shape your child’s future at the Best School in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

– VSI International Sr Sec School


VSI International School is popular for providing a student-centred approach to learning for students of all ages and class groups. VSI International Sr Sec School is a top school in Jaipur.


The school management realizes the underlining importance of every child’s different capabilities and interests. The education curriculum and modules are both: interactive and student-centric at the school. The teachers understand your child’s interest areas in various subjects and his/her learning pace and coordinate their lessons accordingly.

It is the Best School in Jaipur for having one teacher for every 20 students, meaning they follow the 20:1 student-teacher ratio. The teachers can give more attention to a student when the number of students is limited.


Discover what the Top School in Jaipur has to offer.


How a Student-centric approach at VSI International School helps students and parents?

Learning doesn’t mean it has to be forced and boring; the teachers at VSI International School use engaging methods of teaching that develop the interests of students in all subjects’ topics.


The Best School in Jaipur is the one where a student-centric approach makes students less stressed and more focused while learning. Not only their attention in class improves, but they easily participate in conversations around subject topics and ask relevant questions.


Homework or exercises will never be a burden to them, unlike how most kids feel today. It will be like self-learning and practising sessions.


The development of students improves when their preferences are taken into consideration.


Parents not only help in implementing student-based learning, but it is also beneficial for them. With the help of teachers coordination, parents can be a part of the students learning process.


Just like teachers at school, parents play an influential role in the education of a child at home. Parents support and encourage their children to pursue their interests and passion further, cheering even the small accomplishments and achievements. 


Play is the best form of learning a human mind understands.


Additional enrichment programs at the Best School in Jaipur


As a part of the engagement and practical activities, VSI International Sr Sec School, i.e. the Best School in Jaipur has various facilities and programs.


1.      Science & Computer Labs: The school has dedicated science labs for conducting experiments in subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics. The computer labs at the school have new computer processors and systems, updated with new versions of all software. 

2.      Math lab: Other labs for computers and science are common in all schools. But VSI International School has a lab dedicated for activities related to the Math subject. The smart games available here enable problem-solving skills in students. They are also taught Abacus so they can improve in speed and accuracy while doing calculations.

3.      Spoken English: Speaking and listening skills are equally important to reading and writing skills in English. As an English Medium School in Jaipur, it facilitates a special English speaking training program where students polish their English speaking skills. 

4.      Virtual classes: The school facilitates smart and digital classrooms equipped with new technology systems for teaching. It helps students in learning through 3D visuals and also become comfortable with using technology.



The co-curricular and beyond the classroom activities at VSI International School include sports, dance, theatre, music, and art. The students are free to pursue activities which interest them. The school has industry professionals as teachers for co-scholastic activities at the school. With training from them, students can achieve professional-level skills and continue their interest activity as a career in future. These advantages to the students make VSI International Sr Sec School as the Best School in Jaipur.

·         Sports: Students can engage in sports activities like cricket, tennis, basketball, table-tennis, and swimming.

·         Dance: Different classical and modern dance forms are taught to students at the school.

·         Singing and music: It is the best school in Jaipur where both singing and musical instrumental lessons are given to students.

·         Art and craft: Students are introduced to the art of handling paper and scissors at a young age. Teachers introduce many art and craft activities so that students can explore the creativity and artistic side hidden in them.



The school ranks as the elite and top RBSE English Medium School in Jaipur. The curriculum for all classes from playgroup to 12 has a defined syllabus and pattern. The curriculum is designed to complement the needs of students. School follows the updated RBSE curriculum.

With the ‘Emerging School of the Year,’ and the trust of many parents and students, we can conclude that VSI International School as the Best School in Jaipur.


Are you interested in learning more about the school? Take a campus tour. School Location: Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. You may give a call at 9309305656, 0141-2793080.


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