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Best Portable Apps That Require No Installation

There are many apps that do not require installation. These portable apps can run out of any directory or a flash drive, and the best part is you do not have to download them. All you have to do is execute commands, and you’ll be up and running in no time. However, would you take any chances to use a portable app? Well, why wouldn’t you when you can use it without installing it right away? This is the era of mobile apps and in this connection top mobile app development companies worldwide have played a significant role in shaping mobile e-commerce.

The mobile app development company in Dubai is contributing a lot to this business. The work of their skilled professionals is worth the appraisal. Hence, as a reciprocation, we get to observe tremendous results by them. On the other hand, this post provides the most exemplary portable applications worth utilizing and can be used whenever you want.

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Pidgin – an open-source app

A pidgin is indeed an open-source software. It is an online multiplayer chat application that simplifies the XMPP interface. The XMPP protocol enables people to connect to Slack, AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo Mail services. So, if you own a company or are an active online user, you must undoubtedly utilize Pidgin. If we pick slack from the listing, we can say that it is a tremendous corporate app that helps you connect with your teammates for effective communication. On the other hand, Pidgin is a great alternative that you can implement in the online world.

Telegram – A partially open-source alternative

Have you ever thought of an alternative to WhatsApp? If not, then you should use Telegram. On smartphones, it works as a standalone messaging substitute for your SMS app. isn’t it just great to use an app without requiring additional services to it?  However, the software development company in Dubai is a hub to seamless solutions in the contemporary world. You name it, and they will provide you with outstanding services.

This open-source app is remarkable, as you do not have to install it or worry about the space it might occupy on your smart devices. Moreover, Telegram is one of the best-known open-source apps, and conversations with Telegram are encrypted, so it is safe to use.

Patience – Down the memory lane

Going down the memory lane, you might get a flashback of this 95 version of Solitaire on steroids. Patience has music, animation, and many other features that make it the best standalone version of Solitaire on the internet. However, to use it, you need to use the Universal Extractor to extract the files, and you are all ready to play the game.

GIMP – An outstanding editing experience

If you want to have Photoshop editing experience, then GIMP is the best alternative to it. GIMP is a Photoshop app that features a lot of exciting tools that help you enhance your photograph. People have been using GIMP for years, and it is similar to Photoshop. So you must give it a try if you love using different apps to beautify your photographs.

Audacity- budget-friendly and effective

People opt for Cubase and Premiere Pro-like software for the best sound designs, which might cost you a lot. However, we have a solution to this. The most acceptable free audio editor is Audacity, and it should be in everyone’s toolkit. It’s a flexible programmer since it allows you to edit, duplicate, splice, and combine your favorite audio to make it more interesting for the listener. You may also record live files while changing the velocity and amplitude of the recording. All of this is a benefit since it allows you to accomplish it without installing the app.

VLC Player- Without a crash

VLC Player is great at handling any file format you use with it. It has been popular throughout the history of the best media players. You can play DVDs, stream videos and music on it quickly, and it does not crash. Some people install VLC Player on their machines. However, you can use it without installing it as well.

Etcher- Great image burning app

Are you looking for an app that could burn images? Etcher is the most user-friendly and amazingly designed app used to burn images. It automatically performs validation checks on completed image burns. So if you want to have a user-friendly app to do this task, then Etcher is the choice.


The applications that do not require installation have a simplistic interface and are convenient to use. However, it is always great to have apps like these becoming more common. If we look at the statistics and facts, apps that require no installation are becoming the main element of digital marketing. This activity does not bother the users to download the app and occupy the space of the hard disk. Second, why a user should install an app that he wants to use for a limited time. These types of apps are offered for a limited time i.e., for special holidays and occasions. Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Day events are prime times to influence the users to use such types of apps.

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