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Best Cars You Can Get From Avis

Avis car hire discount

Cars are the utmost priority of many. Some loved it because of its reliability while some are in love with cars because of its style & look. Well! on the contrary, it is true that cars are a status symbol. We use cars not just because these are a means of transportation, but these depict style & financial stability. To satisfy the needs of people, many car manufacturing companies are doing their best to deliver & simultaneously, car rental sites are leading these days as people find them more convenient and pocket-friendly.

Avis is a car rental site that offers exceptional cars & incredible service to their customers & you can use the Avis Australia promo code to make your service more discounted and affordable.

We have filed up some of the best cars you can find at Avis, so read it carefully and enjoy.


Avis exactly knows what its customer wants, and that’s why it offers the magnificent BMW X5. It has 2 Diesel engines and comes with 2 petrol engines on demand. When it comes to the specification of the engine, it is 2993 cc & 2998 cc. The Boss car has an automatic transmission & it gives you the super mileage specifically depending on the variant and fuel type. Book this luxurious vehicle now and feel easy on the budget as you can redeem the Avis car hire discount code at the checkout. So enjoy your everyday ride or road trip with the world’s best car at the lowest rates possible.

Mercedes C200

This loving creature is called Mercedes C200 & it is a petrol variant in the C class lineup. The super-stylish yet luxurious model is putting out 201 bhp at 5800 rpm and 300 Nm at 1200 rpm on maximum power. Plus, you can get your favorite color as this model is available in 6 enchanting colors.

Without paying a lot, you can get the car and enjoy. If you wish to have this car at the best rates, do visit the site, check out more and start booking.

Suzuki Swift

It has become a household name. But, if you don’t want to go with the luxurious one, then Suzuki swift is a smart choice. The car is super comfortable and accommodates the sitting capacity of 4 people. Moreover, it comes in a manual mood and possesses AC, Bluetooth, and a USB connector so you won’t get bored during your journey.
You can make a reservation for it, and to make your choice more smart and convenient, use Avis car rental discount codes.

Kia Rio

The best choice to make your trips easy. Kia Rio is a 5 seater with automatic mood depending upon the variant with 4 cylinders, Bluetooth, and USB connector, so you won’t run out of entertainment when you get bored.
The car features a rear washer and wiper for a clean sweep and tinted glass to make it look more cool and appealing. In Kia, the driver and front passenger can use sun visors with mirrors and illumination. So, what are you waiting for? Get this monster by visiting Avis and using the Avis coupon code.

Toyota Carolla

Well! Toyota always makes its fans stun with its super convenient features, reliability, and affordability. Corolla has a stylish spin that makes it stand out from the crowd. It comes in both automatic and manual mood depending on its model. The exterior is a firm and strong plus, the interiors will amaze you if you haven’t used Corolla yet.
It has a sitting capacity of 5 people whereas it has the facility of AC, 4 cylinders, Bluetooth, reserving camera and USB connector. What’s more, do you want to? Head over to Avis, apply the Avis discount code Australia.

Hyundai i30

The Hyundai i30 features a diesel engine which is 1598cc and available with manual transmission. Moreover, it gives the city mileage of 16.0 kmpl. So you can make your everyday routine work smoothly and swiftly.
Also, the renting prices are so moderate. For more guidelines and details, you can visit Avis, and for better service, you can use the coupon codes and offers.


The Mitsubishi outlander comes with excellent features. Besides its vibrant color and stunning exterior, it is a 7 seater with has a storage capacity of 3 larges bags and 2 small bags. The vehicle has an automatic mode, and the facility of AC is also available. In addition, you can enjoy reserving a camera, Bluetooth & USB port. Now, you got the idea, what to do if you intend to book this Queen car.

Wrap Up

You all have a little insight about these names before, but the cherry on the top is the renting site that offers these cars and services. There are multiple sites available, and you can book from any site of your choice, but you can avail of other survives from Avis. To know more details about the site, simply visit it.

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