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The “Apex Legends” is a Royale battle video game. Also, it is a first-person shooter video game. The developer of the game is Respawn Entertainment. Further, the player can enjoy the game on PS4 and Microsoft Windows. The game release on February 4, 2019. In Apex Legends, a group of twenty-three person lands on an Island. Besides, they start searching for weapons and supplies. They try to find weapons before the fight. Moreover, there is a play area on the island that shrinks along with time. It insists players to keep moving. Otherwise, it will be harmful to them. The last team wins the game. Indeed, it is one of the best games. Many players praise it for its gameplay. There are more than 25 million players in the first week of launch. Gradually, the number of players increases within some days.

Gameplay and Features:

Apex Legends Torrentis an online multiplayer game. However, you can join randomly or you can play with your friends. Also, the game supports single-player mode and two players can also join the game. Generally, there are twenty teams. Each team has three members. Particularly, no one can select the same player twice. Each player contains a unique design and ability. Also, every player looks different from the other.

If one player falls, then another team member can rescue him. They can also collect all parts of the member that are lying on the earth. But he can do it within the time limit and before the player goes out of the game. Also, the safe zone starts to reduce its size. The player can die if he does not reach on safe zone in time.


Those members survive in the end they get a crown on their heads. They are called champions of the match. However, they get extra points and awards. The ” Apex Legends” is free to play. The player can buy things. They can spend money as well. Also, they can change the color of weapons and the color of their outfits.

Every team has a Jumpmaster. He can skydive out of the aircraft. The player can talk with each other. They can discuss certain directions and locations of the weapons. While the game offers movement options as other shooter games. It also supports some features of other games. Such as climbing up on the wall. The developer of Apex Legends highlights road map and they planed new weapons and characters after every three months. Also, they bring new playable characters. Previously, the first season of the game offers new cosmetic items as a reward. Generally, new cosmetic items and weapons bring change in the map. The game is free to play, friendly, and full of fun.

Abilities of Legends:

The legend can jump and climb walls up to 5 to 6 meters. Also, he does melee attacks at any time. Further, he can hold any two weapons. He can crawl and survive in hard times. He uses jump kits and does the skydive. In short, Legend is a more efficient player in the game.


The game was nominated many times for the award. Particularly, the game won the award of excellence and the best multiplayer award in Japan games awards. Also, it won an online game of the year award. For the best shooter game award, it was on the top of the list.

Mode of the game:

In Apex Legends torrent, there are six playing modes. The names of the modes are as follows: Training, The firing Range, The “Normal Play Apex ” game mode, Duos, Ranked Leagues, and Hunts. Every mode has something new for players.


It is the first section of the game. It shows initial videos about the game. You can learn all the basic tips about the game from start to end.

Firing Range:

Generally, it is a small area where you do the practice. Here you can use all weapons and get training about the use of weapons. The player with one or two squads can join at a time.


Trios are the basic model of the game. It consists of twenty players and each team has three players. The last team wins the game.


Duos Mode is having two members in one team. The Map rotation On Kings Canyon and World’s Edge the same as Trios Mode of the game.

Ranked League:

This mode of the game base on the reward. The players get the reward based on skills The player gets rewarded at the end of the rank. Also, it uses the World’s Edge map.


There are nine hunt levels in this mode. You have to unlock one level before moving to the next. The player can use Normal Squad mode or solo mode. The old version of Apex Legends also has “The Hunt mode” with many others.


Wild Frontier:

This season starts on 19 March 2019. Especially, The season includes a new playable character. It is known as Octane. The Wild Frontier can handle errors and improve life quality. It contains a new cosmetic item and battle pass.

Battle charge:

Further, It starts on 2 July 2019. The season also brings new character. The name of the character is Wattson. Also, new weapons and new ranked mode of the game came to play. The player with the same skills can fight with each other. The player completes a level, then he can move to another new level.


This season came on 1 October of the same year. After every three months developer introduces the new season. You can download more battle royale and pc games here: The new weapon is a Rifle in this season. The “World’s Edge” is a new map. It allows the player to fight on Volcanic and snow places.


It came after three months of the battle charge. The Sentinel is the new tool of the season.

Fortune’s Favor:

The player can play the game with a team or also can play in a single mode. It connects players if they lost connection.


A new battle pass is added. The player can use a new tool of weapons as well as cosmetics.

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