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Ace Pet Parenting: The Glocal Store

Our pets hold a very special place in our lives and as responsible pet parents, we must always strive to provide the best care possible to them. To do that, we must understand that their needs are very different from ours. This is especially true when it comes to picking the right grooming products for them. They have thinner skin compared to humans which also makes them extremely sensitive to certain products. Therefore, choosing a grooming product be it shampoos, sprays or even conditioners should be a careful decision. If you have been struggling to pick the right product, then here are 5 things to check when choosing a skincare product for your pet:

No Human Products

While it is great to share your house, couch, and even your bed with your fur baby, the one thing you must never share with them is your grooming products. Their skin is a lot thinner than ours and needs products that are specially formulated for their needs. Even human baby shampoos are a strict NO for your pets.

Need to be Paraben-Free

Parabens are chemicals that are used in shampoos mostly to increase shelf life and create excessive lather which most of us think is the only indication of a clean fur coat. But this is not true! Parabens or any chemical for that matter strips off the natural oils from your pets’ skin often leading to itching and rashes.

PH Value Especially Formulated for Their Delicate Skin

The biggest difference between our skin and our pets’ skin is the PH levels. While ours are more acidic in nature, a pet’s pH levels are more alkaline. The most ideal and balanced levels in a pet grooming product should be between 6.5 to 7.5 on the pH scale.

Mild Cleansing only – SLS / Soap-free

The basic tendency of soaps and SLS agents is to make the skin dry which is why they are not suitable for your pet’s skin. The cleansing agents should ideally be natural such as Aloe Vera extracts, Lavender, extracts, Cucumber extracts, Citrus peel, and other fruit extracts that will not only be safe but also very gentle on the pet’s skin.

Should Contain Moisturizing Ingredients

Your pet’s skin can really benefit from moisturizing ingredients as it helps their skin and coat in maintaining their healthy feel and shine. The presence of natural agents such as aloe vera, lavender, and coconut extracts can effectively moisturize their skin and also combat skin irritation.

To avail such suitable grooming products with natural ingredients and zero chemicals, you can try Captain Zack for your pets. All their products are SLS and Paraben free which guarantees the safest care for your pet’s gentle skin. Their 100% natural products provide complete care for your fur baby i.e. healthy, shiny, and odor-free fur coat.

The Glocal Store

The Glocal Store is founded by two ambitious entrepreneurs, Mehru Soni and Sanika Narang Sarna, with the sole intention to house all organic and natural products under one roof. Catering to any and every need of the modern individual, the store features products like pet care, home essentials, haircare, skincare and makeup, exotic and gourmet teas. Besides caring deeply for mother Earth, the Glocal Store welcomes brands such as Juicy Chemistry, Soul Tree, Earth Rhythm, Organic Harvest, Khadi Naturals, and many others among the organic revolution

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