A comprehensive & successful ideas use for printing play card boxes

The packaging is not only a means to an end, but it serves the role of a communicator between a business and its customers. For that, pay heed while printing the playing card boxes. With every day advancing technology, different unique and new methods are being discovered to print the packaging fascinatingly. By taking the help of technology, you can expand the reach of your business by designing one of a kind playing card packages. With every company upping its game of designing, you also need to cope with the technology to make your packaging stand out in the market. Look at the following ideas for printing the playing card packaging.  

Add visual elements:

The addition of some visual elements on the surface of custom playing card boxes is a great idea for making them look more attractive. The first and foremost visual element, i.e., the logo of your brand, should take center stage on your boxes. An image can tell various aspects of the inside contents, and it can speak a thousand words. So, the addition of a visual element like an image will make your packaging look highly appealing. Adding too much text can ruin all your packaging design because the customers do not like to read too much. Make sure the image or any other visual graphics you are incorporating into your packaging is target-oriented. The graphics should be able to describe the inside products as well as somehow related to the targeted audience.  

Put on the necessary text:

Printing something irrelevant on the playing card box can cause the customers to lose interest in your product. You should remain to the point and be authentic with the text you are printing on the box. Many a marketer chooses to mislead the customers for procuring more sales. While it may be helpful in the short-run but, in the longer-run, it will be suicidal for your company. This is because the customers will come to know that you mislead them after trying your product, and the next time they will not buy from you. Be honest with the information you are printing and focus on providing to-the-point information. The customers these days do not buy a product unless they do not know completely about that product. In other words, they prefer informed decisions. So, it would be beneficial for your brand if you put on only the necessary text von your box.  

Alluring typography:

The typography is extremely significant if you want to make your printed stuff look elegant on the playing card packages. There are three main categories of typography on which you need to focus on:

  • Size: The text size is important from the perspective of readability. If the size is too large or too small, it would be difficult for the buyers to read and make them feel inconvenient. When the customers feel any inconvenience, they do not take even a moment to switch to other competing brands. So, you should take care of this aspect.
  • Color: Choose the color of the text that goes well with the background color of your box. The similar color of the text and box may look nice, but the text becomes hard to read. Contrast colors, in this case, can prove beneficial. 
  • Font: The font that represents the personality of your brand should be selected. A confidant and stylish handwritten or modern sans-serif could be the best option to go with.  

Colorful theme:

The color tells a lot about the personality of your brand, whether it is professional or not. It also highlights the nature of the objects you are selling. Each different color has a different psychology and conveys different types of feelings and emotions. So, understanding the color theory in this regard is compulsory if you want to leave a memorable impression on the clients with your playing card packages. Learn about the color theory and select the colors which convey the message according to your wish. CMYK color model can be used for obtaining the desired colors. While selecting the color theme for your play card packaging, the theme of the parent brand should also be kept in mind. 

Intricate patterns:

Another effective idea to increase the visual appeal of the playing card packaging is to use some beautiful and intricate patterns. Play with different patterns to impress the customers to buy your products. If you want to offer a fantasy look with your packaging, a polka dot pattern that consists of small circles of the same size can be influential. The chevron pattern is known for projecting liveliness and youthfulness. Deco patterns could prove effective in offering the customers a vintage experience. These intricate patterns provide you with an opportunity to engage and interact with the shoppers, so selecting the right patterns for your playing card packaging is beneficial. 

Concluding to the point that there are a lot of ideas about making the playing card boxes more attractive. The addition of visual elements, such as logos or images, is beneficial in this regard. Some effective color schemes and alluring typography will also make your boxes look classic and eye-catchy. Furthermore, be authentic and to the point with the text you are printing on these packages to make them look even more fascinating. 


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