8 Plant Care Apps

Does having an exquisite garden indoors, or even having plants indoors, make your heart beat faster? If you are as passionate about plants as we are, then you should know that taking care of them is not that simple. Each species requires a different kind of care, soil, pruning and watering from the other. Do you need a little help to remember to water and care for them, or do you need to identify a certain pest that has taken over your plants, even find out what species you admire and want to buy? So you need to know these apps that will make your relationship with them a lot easier and make you a true expert! Helpful Garden gives tricks and tips on gardening.
Plantit is the guide that helps you grow an organic garden with tips for growing different varieties of plants and vegetables.
Plantit suggests when, how, and where to sow, and indicates the right times to plant, harvest, and water. Everything is explained simply so that even people with no experience can benefit from using the app, which also teaches how to prepare biofertilizers at home.
Plantit is available for Android and iOS
Garden Answers Plant Identification is a free application that instantly identifies the plant. The database is composed of over 20,000 species, with the information made available by gardening and horticultural experts.
Available for Android and iOS, the app begins tagging from a plant photo that the user must make and submit.
 It is a free application that, from a single photo of the plant in your home, identify the diseases that attack vegetables, and offers different options for conventional and organic treatment. The user initially chooses the culture that has the problem.
Then it takes a photograph of the plant and the image is sent to the application server, undergoing analysis based on database information.
Available for Android only.
My Garden allows users to build their gardens with plants they already own or are interested in buying. From the registration of species, automatic tasks are created to care for these plants, with notifications being sent at the right time that the activity should be done.
The main tasks are correct timing and proper frequency of fertilizing (feeding) according to the type of plant and where it is planted, correct timing of pruning each species and, if not a perennial species, the best times of the year to replant them.
Also, there is an option that you can edit an irrigation alarm according to the need of the soil, the drainage of the vessels or the region in which it is located.
Available for Windows Phone and Android
Gardenia works as a gardening organizer. The app has a database of 90,000 species and, in addition to information about plants, the app will help you take better care of your garden. It also provides weather information based on your location, including temperature, humidity, and rainfall.
Available for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch
Stuffed with information on over 26,000 plants, as a scientific and popular name, as well as ways to care. Made for amateurs, professionals, aspiring botanists or anyone curious about this universe. The application is paid and costs $ 32,90.
This app allows you to create a  garden project using the drawing tools and also position the plants in the garden. They also give detailed instructions on how plants grow and how to care. Paid, it costs $ 19.90.
The app shows thousands of tips and allows you to schedule your care of plants (watering day and time, for example). Plus an encyclopedia of over 1000 species of fruits, vegetables and flowers that promise to save you time to research.

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