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6 Ways In Which You Can Bring The Outdoors Into Your Home

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If it’s your own house, you don’t have to worry about hammering nails into the walls or painting it any way you want. You also have the freedom to renovate it as you see fit and personalize each space. An indoor plant garden is a contemporary home design idea that is capturing the attention of homeowners. Many new home buyers seek trendy indoor plant ideas to add a splash of color to their homes. 

Here are some plant ideas for bringing the beauty of the outdoors within:

  1. Select the appropriate location

The very first step is to decide which room will be used for the project. Yet if you have a room with a view of a garden, this may be a no-brainer.

Picking a room with a southern orientation will provide you with the most natural light in the afternoon or evening. Conversely, rooms with a northern orientation will be darker and colder.

Another option is to choose a space where you spend a lot of time, such as your living room or bedroom.

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  1. Allow natural light to enter the space

Natural light is beneficial to your mood; therefore, a room with abundant natural light will make you feel great.

Placing Infinity-installed flat, curved glass lights, for example, will flood your space with natural light and give it a great spacious sensation. You’ll notice a significant change, particularly during the colder months when natural sunlight is scarce.

You might also use lighter materials or sheer voile curtains to replace your heavy drapes. It will enhance the amount of light that enters your home via the windows, making it feel considerably brighter. Of course, if you want the room to be darker for sleeping, you can always use blackout roller blinds.

  1. Glance outside

The recycled landscape is a concept in garden design that incorporates the environment beyond the garden’s boundaries into the design.

This notion may also be used in the design of your internal area.

Examine your view out the window to determine if any changes might make the room more pleasant. For example, remove any bins or old playsets, cut back the bush, or grow some plants to place in front of your windows.

If nothing else works, a transparent voile curtain at the windows will assist conceal the sight without causing the space to feel gloomy.

  1. You should use natural textiles and materials

Natural textiles and fabrics will assist in giving your area an impression of the outside. Rattan and wicker and materials like rich linens and flowy silks will work nicely together.

To complete the appearance, seek complementary items like rugs, pillows, hampers, and decorative items.

You can also use sea pearls, jars of sand on the beach, stones, and bits of wood to bring the outside in. If you don’t possess any, use prints, pictures, or paintings instead.

  1. Bring the outside in with aroma and sound

Don’t forget to employ your other senses in addition to visual signals and natural materials to bring a touch of nature into your interior area.

Fragrances like aromatic incense or floral arrangements can assist in making your space comfortable, or you may use air fresheners to mimic the sea’s fresh aroma.

Natural noises such as rainfall, ocean beach, or a trickling brook are frequently used in luxury spas to help you feel more connected to nature. You may do something similar at home to make your environment more pleasant.

  1. Plants are a great way to liven up a room

Bringing the outside inside is as simple as filling your area with plants. Houseplants such as peace lilies, spider plants, and Swiss cheese plants are easy to maintain and will soften and naturalize your room.

All options are hanging terra cotta pots from the roof, floating bookshelves to construct a living wall or a huge plant in an unusual nook. In addition, plant stands may be used to create height without overcrowding the floor area.

Although the plants mentioned above may make your little balcony garden appear lovely, they also have the potential to turn your home into a breeding ground for insects. 

Nevertheless, there is a technique to keep insects out of your indoor garden by planting a scented citronella plant in it. The citronella plant possesses insect repellent characteristics that keep insects and other bugs away while also providing a relaxing scent.


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