5 Tips to be Confident Vlogging in Public

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You want to do vlog but you still don’t have confidence? Want to be more confident in making vlogs? Do you want to speak fluently and confidently express yourself in videos in crowded places?
Try some of the following tips, I will help you be more confident in making vlogs.

1. Choose The Right Device

You don’t need expensive DSLRs, a good smartphone is fine. You should also have a best shotgun microphone or best lavalier microphone connected to the camera.
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If you have a smartphone (or even a tablet), you won’t have to buy any other devices to supplement. Audio is just as important as video, so don’t ignore the choice of the right microphone.
Once you know that the devices are ready and they work perfectly, you’ll focus on expressing yourself in front of the camera. It will help you feel more confident because you know you have great support from the devices.

2. Prepare A Clear Plan

Most people think that vlogs are naturally created, the fact that vloggers have to think a lot before deciding to shoot. If you are well prepared for content, at least you will have more ideas to say in your vlog.

However, you should not stick to the sketch, if you feel something is more interesting, just do it. Preparation is always the best way to give you confidence, not only in doing vlogs but also in many other areas.
Improvisation and nature are always the keys to creating interesting vlogs. You will follow your plan, but you are always ready to create surprises.

3. Be Yourself

The quickest way to feel confident in front of the camera is to show your true nature. Remember, you are talking about and presenting your own life.

No matter what you are talking about, you need to be yourself. Because you are unique and you are different from everyone. Viewers will follow and like you, if they feel your people are happy, is suitable for their purpose.

If you decide to choose a character model in your vlog, maintain that character throughout the vlog to avoid inconsistencies.

But I do not encourage you to do so. I still want you to be yourself when you vlog because in the future, you may have to do vlogs for new issues and new areas. You cannot follow a certain pattern forever, you need to be yourself!

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4. Have A Favorite Perfume For Yourself

You may be surprised with my tip 3, but it’s an effective way. I used to read a book before and it helped me to know this way.

Of course, the book does not say that this tip is for vlogs, but I tried to apply it every time I filmed the video in front of the crowd. And you know, it really works!

Interestingly, many studies have shown that when you use your favorite perfume, you will feel more confident.

For men, the more perfume they like, the more they feel confident when they smell it. So, you should have a favorite perfume for yourself.

On the other hand, 90% of women using perfume feel more confident than women who do not use perfume. Believe me, try it in your next vlog!

5. Wear The Clothes You Feel Beautiful And Fit Your Vlog

Do you see this way as familiar? When you join a wedding party or an event, you will wear beautiful clothes. Why? Because it helps you be confident in the crowd! The way you wear costumes not only affects how others see you, but it also influences how you see yourself. When you feel you are beautiful, you can freely talk in front of the crowd.
But don’t be confused! The beautiful costumes that I talk about are the ones that will make you feel comfortable when shooting vlogs, it doesn’t have to be expensive suits! Follow those who are confident, successful and see how they wear. Do as they do!
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To Sum Up

When shooting vlogs, you need the confidence to express yourself. You may be less natural in the first few vlogs.

But apply the tips in this article, and you’ll see the difference. If you don’t have a nice outfit, buy it. If you don’t have effective support devices, find out and buy them as soon as you can. Don’t forget to follow my page for more useful information.
Have a good day!

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